Food Delivery Rider Appears Out of Nowhere, Gets Knocked Down & Wants to Claim $5,300 from Driver

Everyone knows that Yishun is the ghetto of Singapore. And while other neighbourhoods show themselves to be contenders for Yishun’s title once in a while, there’s a reason why Yishun has still been able to maintain its reputation.

This time, a food delivery rider in Yishun is claiming $5,300 in compensation after a driver knocked him down. The catch is this: it seems like the food delivery rider is the one who failed to observe his own safety by abiding by road traffic rules.

Yishun Food Delivery Rider Appears Out of Nowhere and Gets Knocked Down

On Wednesday (13 September), a video arose on Facebook which caught the eyes of many Singaporean netizens.

This video was posted on none other than Singaporeans’ favourite page to complain about bad drivers on—SG Road Vigilante.

Ah… Where else?

The video is one of a dashcam clip taken on Monday (11 September) at 12:55 am.

In the video, we see a driver cruising down Yishun Industrial Street 1; nothing out of the ordinary, except, what are you doing in Yishun?

Jiak pa bo sai pang ah?

Anyway, viewers are suddenly surprised by a strange scene: a food delivery rider appearing out of nowhere, dashing out of an alley, and above all, acting as if the street was his grandfather’s road.

Unfortunately, the driver was unable to brake in time to avoid crashing into the food delivery rider.

The food delivery rider, or in this case it seems more apt to call him “the King of Yishun Industrial Street 1”, was knocked off his bike.

Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)

Yet, eagle-eyed netizens spotted a few reasons why the food delivery rider is the one that requires a refresher on road traffic rules here.

If you look closely, you’ll realise that the food delivery rider had rushed out without stopping at the stop line or checking his blind spots.

His headlights were also off, and he wasn’t wearing his helmet.

Perhaps Yishun has a different set of road traffic rules lah. Maybe there’s a secret Yishun Driving Centre spearheading a new (but probably not improved) driving curriculum.

Food Delivery Rider Now Claiming $5,300 Compensation from Driver

Here’s where it gets spicy.

Although it appears that the food delivery rider was in the wrong here for failing to observe road traffic rules, the rider is allegedly claiming compensation from the driver for knocking him down.

He’s claiming a total of $5,300 from the driver, the breakdown of which is $1,500 for his bike, $1,800 for his phone, and $2,000 for loss of income.

It seems like getting knocked down on the road is pretty lucrative. You might want to consider this career switch (we’re just kidding).

Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)

Regardless, all we can say is this: while this food delivery rider might need a refresher on road traffic rules, we’re glad he doesn’t need one on mathematics.

So, what’s your take? Who do you think is in the wrong here?