Food Delivery Rider Got Filmed Moonwalking & Posing While Delivering Food to Customer’s Door


If you’ve been on TikTok last month, you’ll know that the “white girl dance” took the app by storm, introducing others to the culture which knew no rhythm nor melanin.

And how fun it was, to just throw your hands up in the air and sway to the music (while being off-beat) without a care of how adept you were at dancing!

Who cares if you’re a terrible dancer? Doing a little jig to your favourite song is a surefire way to cheer up your day!

And it seems to have the same effect on others, as seen by this cute video that put a smile on everyone’s face.

Dancing Delivery to Your Doorstep

On Monday (21 Jun), a video was posted on Facebook, showing the adorably comedic antics of one food delivery rider captured on camera.

The man, holding the customer’s food, suavely moonwalked towards the unit—in sandals no less!


He then stopped dramatically… and gave a perfect 360-degree twirl.

We give that a 10/10!

Finally, to complete his dance routine and to hang the food on the door handle, he half pranced, half crab-walked (or is it the Hammer dance?) his way to the front door.

I could not imagine a more perfect choreography. Michael Jackson who? BTS who? There’s a new man who’s smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover.


(I’m only joking ARMYs, please don’t come for my head.)

In case you thought that he had been accidentally captured on camera, and was oblivious to his being recorded, I’m here to tell you that he wasn’t.

In fact, he totally knew what he was doing during his little performance. He even gave a thumbs-up to the camera at the end! What a madlad.

I’m not sure if this was my imagination, but there was a sound that reminded me of a flying kiss…

Anyway, to end off the delivery, the man also struck a few bodybuilding poses to flex his guns after he was done flexing his moves. Is it just me, or did one of them kind of look like the ice in my veins pose? (Or as BTS would say: “No ice in my wrist, I’m the n-ice guy.”)

The video has since garnered over 600 shares and 40,000 views on Facebook! And the commenters were just as tickled as I am.

He absolutely deserved a tip. Can I ask this man to deliver my bubble tea, please?

Wholesome Delivery Riders

Another cute video you might’ve seen on TikTok is one of a GrabFood rider happily bouncing on a trampoline after completing a delivery!

The story began when delivery rider Sharil Berlandier delivered an order to a customer who resided in a landed property.

After receiving a tip, Mr Berlandier noticed the trampoline on property grounds and adventurously asked if he could “bounce on the trampoline for a while”, according to Mothership.


While initially shocked by the request, the homeowner agreed after Mr Berlandier clarified it was just “for fun”.

He was evidently overjoyed, letting out small giggles as he approached the trampoline, and more as he eagerly started bouncing in full delivery gear.

The whole encounter was captured by his helmet camera, so the audience could experience the same childlike joy from a first-person perspective.

The video is still up, so watch it if you need some laughter in your day:


got tips AND played the trampoline awhile HAHA

♬ original sound – sharil berlandier – sharil berlandier

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Feature Image: Facebook (Syazwi Halip)

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