Food Deliveryman Allegedly Stole $200 Worth of Musang King That Was Sent to a Fruit Stall

Deliveryman Suspected in Daring $200 Musang King Durian Heist at Local Fruit Stall

In yet another incident reminiscent of durian theft, Super Bagus Fruits experienced more than $200 loss last Saturday.

On 2 Dec, around 12 pm, the fruit stall had placed an order for 20 boxes of Musang King durians, valued at a total of $200 at just cost price.

However, following the delivery, the stall discovered that only one box consisting of 5 pieces of the durian was retrieved when collecting the delivered items.

Mr Gao Bin, the 37-year-old owner of the store (name transliterated from Chinese), informed Lianhe Zaobao about the incident.

He had received a call from the deliveryman confirming the delivery of the durians.

At that time, Mr Gao was out delivering fruits himself and instructed the deliveryman to leave the durians outside his shop.

To his dismay, upon returning to the shop, Mr Gao found only one box of Musang King durians remaining.

This raised the question: Who could have taken the remaining boxes of Musang King?

Fortunately, Mr Gao had CCTV footage to consult.

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

The footage revealed an individual, believed to be the deliveryman, taking away two large bags of Musang King durians.

The suspected culprit had apparently changed his clothes into a black T-shirt and donned a mask after completing the delivery, possibly to conceal his identity while retrieving the unattended durians.

While the motive behind stealing such a large quantity of expensive Musang King durians remains unclear, the act itself is significant due to the high value of these durians.

The suspected thief, seen riding a personal mobility device (PMD), was captured on CCTV taking a glance at the camera before proceeding with the theft.

Intriguingly, the time gap between the deliveryman’s call to Mr Gao and the theft of the durians was notably brief.

This incident follows a similar case of durian theft in July at Famous Durian.

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

That situation, however, was later clarified as a misunderstanding following an investigation.

Mr Gao, speaking to Lianhe Zaobao, expressed his desire for the reimbursement of the stolen durians’ cost.

The police are currently investigating the case.