foodpanda Rider Helped Customer Removed Cockroach From House With Just a Tissue Paper


Do you hate cockroaches?

If you do, you probably understand the fear that runs through your veins when you see one of those pesky pests with feelers.

Things are even worse if you are alone and there is no one to exterminate the pest for you.

One kind-hearted foodpanda rider went over and beyond the call of duty to help a customer remove a cockroach in her house.

He even did it with just tissue paper.

How heroic.

Here is more about the cockroach ordeal.

foodpanda Rider Helps Customer Removed a Cockroach From Her House

Earlier this week, a TikTok user by the moniker of @germainIce shared her horror story on the popular short-form video platform.

The OP said that she woke up “in the middle of the night” and ordered food delivery via foodpanda for her cravings.

Unfortunately, she saw more than she bargained for.

In the middle of her floor was a “big black thing”, which was none other than a cockroach.

In her post, the OP said that she had been “complacent” recently and opened her windows so that’s probably how the pest got into the house.

As the OP’s usual cockroach-catcher was not at home, she was left to her own wits to deal with the cockroach.

A brainwave led her to ask her foodpanda rider for help catching the cockroach.

And he obliged.

He Only Used Tissue Paper to Remove the Cockroach

Sharing images of her chat with the foodpanda driver, Desmond, the OP wrote that she waited for Desmond to arrive with her food.


And rescue her from the cockroach.

When he arrived, she offered him “expired Baygon” to help with the pest extermination.

Image: TikTok (@germainlce)

However, Desmond didn’t need the spray.

He said, “tissue can already” and he was not the least bit afraid of the cockroach flying.

Desmond then swiftly and deftly removed the cockroach after successfully delivering the order.


The OP also shared that Desmond helped her to throw her rubbish as it was along the way for him (together with the disposal of the cockroach).

Since the OP was “saved” by Desmond, she wanted to tip him but was not able to do so through the app as the delivery had been completed.

We guess that’s why she posted this thank you note for Desmond on social media, praising him to the high heavens.

As the OP said, she hopes that Desmond, his family and his descendants will be blessed.

The next time one of you finds a cockroach in your house, you know what to do.

Ask your food delivery rider for help (and pray that it’s Desmond who delivers your food to you).