Foodpanda Rider Allegedly Sexually Harassed a Customer & Even Tried to Enter Her Room

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If there’s one thing Foodpanda is known for, it’s almost always being late.

Image: Tenor

Some have speculated that it’s because the popular food delivery company has employed actual pandas as delivery riders, which slows down deliveries because they often stop to stare at traffic lights, which they find fascinating.

But for this displeased customer, her delivery rider’s punctuality wasn’t the problem, it was the fact that he was a Grade A Creep.

Foodpanda Rider Allegedly Sexually Harassed a Customer & Even Tried to Enter Her Room

It’s Thursday night and you’re feeling peckish, so you order something on Foodpanda. You start playing a Christopher Nolan movie because you know it’s Foodpanda and that it’ll take at least two hours to arrive.

But then you get a message much earlier than expected saying that your food has arrived and you jump out of bed.

Upon opening your bedroom door, you see your food delivery rider standing inside your house, staring at you.

This sounds like a plot of a horror movie, but this is reportedly what happened to 24-year-old Miss Qiao.

According to The New Paper, Qiao went to open the front door of her apartment in Jalan Sultan at about 10.15pm, and was shocked to see a Foodpanda rider outside her bedroom door.

Maybe he was just trying to be nice? Maybe he just wanted to make it easier for the customer?

Image: Tenor

After asking Qiao for his money, he allegedly asked her if she was wearing a bra under her singlet.

Qiao ignored his creepy question and asked him to wait for her to get his money. Instead of doing this, the man followed Qiao into her room, causing her to scream at him to stay away.

But he didn’t stop there.

After she paid him, he allegedly asked her how much it would cost to “go for a short time”.

Qiao couldn’t handle it anymore and screamed at him once again to leave her apartment, which he fortunately did.


“Won’t Dare Use Food Delivery Services Anymore”

Speaking to Lianhe Wanbao, Qiao said that she usually keeps her front door locked, but that one of her flatmates might have forgotten to lock it.

Not only has she moved out of her apartment, Qiao said the incident has made her wary of using food delivery services in the future.

“I won’t dare to use food delivery services any more,” she said.

Foodpanda said the accused rider has been blacklisted and that he will not be working with them again.

“We place the safety of our customers as a priority and take a zero tolerance stance on harassment in any form”, a spokeswoman told TNP.

The food delivery firm urged Qiao to go to the police, and offered their help in investigations, but Qiao’s boyfriend, Kenneth Ong, says they might not do so.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

“I’m of the view that we should, but my girlfriend is quite affected and doesn’t want to blow up the matter”, he said.

Dissatisfied with Foodpanda’s Response

According to Mothership, Ong reported the matter to Foodpanda but only got a serious reply after three attempts.

The customer service officer initially responded to Ong’s allegations with a generic response about a wrong delivery order, not realising the issue was about sexual harassment.


He also thinks Foodpanda is taking the “easy way out” by simply dismissing the rider without investigating what actually happened.

Ong has urged Foodpanda and other food delivery firms to educate their riders about sexual harassment and decorous behaviour while interacting with customers.

“They should at least send a message to all their riders to educate them and reinforce how they should behave,” he said.

Please remember to keep your front door locked at all times, dear reader. 

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