This Footage is Funny Because the Driver Says, ‘Don’t Tell Roti Prata’


On one hand, Singapore wants to be known as a gracious country, but on the other hand, we are already well known for being kiasu. Unfortunately, this recent video, uploaded to Facebook, showed that some Singaporeans still enjoy the occasional verbal sparring.

Which is not really a bad thing, honestly, since oftentimes it makes for great entertainment.

Case in point, this particular taxi driver.

Posted by Glenn Wong on Saturday, 4 February 2017

In the video, the Chinese taxi driver and his Indian passenger got into an argument over something or another (it’s really rather irrelevant, as is normally the case for arguments like this). The argument began while they were both in the taxi, and both of them took out their phones to film each other in the course of their squabble.

I can’t imagine what traditional road-ragers would say if they saw these two. Fighting with phone cameras now, instead of the good ol’ fists? What, are they trying to give each other a photoshoot?

Anyway, as the exchange began to heat up, they got out of the taxi and carried on somewhere off to the side of the road, near a police station, at the request of the passenger. 


Cue the young police officer.

So they managed to get an actual officer to come around and mediate. A full-time, uniformed officer who was supposed to uphold the law and keep the peace, to come and mediate an argument about bad service.

The passenger proceeded to complain to the officer, and mentioned being pushed. Upon hearing that, it was obvious the officer finally heard something somewhat relevant to his job. Apparently, the driver had pushed him, while they were both in the car.

To which the driver replied, “don’t tell lies, don’t tell roti prata”.

Wow. I’m not sure whether to laugh at how ridiculous that remark was, or get slightly offended, and then laugh at the racist undertones. Roti Prata? How did he even come up with that?

Unfortunately, before the officer could figure out exactly what was going on, the passenger walked away, presumably to the nearby hospital.

Thus concludes what was probably the biggest waste of the police officer’s time, as well as a waste of 7 mins of everyone who watched this on Facebook.

A gentle reminder of what you could accomplish in 7 mins:

  • Go to the toilet
  • Eat a quick breakfast
  • Have a pleasant conversation with your colleague/friend/whoever
  • Reply emails
  • And many others

Unfortunately, you had to just sit down and watch this. Don’t blame me for making you watch it. I just wrote this. You’re the one who clicked it.

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