[Video] Handsome Tourist Borrowed Guitar from Stranger on MRT, Then Play & Sing Like a Star


Were you on the MRT on the first day of Chinese New Year? Because something amazing allegedly happened.

Handsome Stranger Borrowed Guitar from Stranger and Gave Free Live Performance on the MRT

A clip was uploaded on the Facebook page, Wake Up, Singapore, which showed a handsome Spanish man playing the guitar and singing. A few Singaporeans were also caught on camera singing along.

According to the caption uploaded together with the clip, he borrowed the guitar from a stranger on the same train. 

A Model and an Avid Traveller

The caption also includes a link to his Instagram page, which has over 104,000 followers and showcases his travels and works. 

In a video, he talked about how he loved travelling alone because he gets to meet new people, strangers who are open to help and talk to you as long as you’re open with them. 

Watch the video below. It’ll bring a smile to your face, either because of his looks or the singing. 

And I got to say, those guys that sang? They have a pretty nice voice too. Agree?

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Featured Image: stomp.com.sg


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