Footage of Goalkeeper Having a Drink When a Goal Occurred Went Viral

There’s a multitude of fails in this world. Heck, just search ‘fails’ on Youtube and you’ll get a list longer than the damn Great Wall of China.

But even so, I’ve never once encountered a fail that made me facepalm so hard I actually penetrated my own face. Legit.

Image: Know Your Meme

It was so unthinkable, so ludicrous that my face just dissolved and my entire arm shot through like a thread going through a needle hole.

Now, before you see the abomination that made me become a circus act, I just want to warn you: don’t hold anything sharp when you watch it.

You’ve been warned.

So what’s so ridiculous?

Over in Germany, a goalkeeper plying his trade in the German second division was in the midst of a game when he felt thirsty. And being thirsty, he vacated his spot for a brief moment to quench his thirst.

I have enough time, he probably reasoned. The opponents are having a goal kick right now. Not gonna reach my end anytime soon, right?

The ball came flying over, and the defender headed the ball back for the keeper, with trust written all over his face.

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

Alas, his teammates could only watch on with sheer disbelief and despair as the keeper guarded the goal in his own net… with his dear water bottle beside him.

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

Thanks for loving me so much, the water bottle probably thought if it could think. I will never forget the sacrifice you made. Forever.

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

Although judging by his disgruntled expression, he would probably throw it in a bin if the act could reset the scoreline.


Similarly, Netizens found the entire situation downright hilarious.

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Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

One, in particular, seemed to be obsessed with it.

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

One was savage about it…

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

Though there were quite a few suspicions as well…

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

And one tried bringing an innocent party into the mix.

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

Fail… or match-fixing?

At first I was like, “this guy chose the wrong time to take a drink, man.”

But after going through the comments, and looking at the images, I couldn’t help thinking:

Could it be an act borne of match-fixing?

After all, the keeper was seen walking back towards the water bottle when the ball was near his area.

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

Hmm… something smells fishy…

What do you think? Just a coincidental fail, or…

A fail on purpose?

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