S’pore Minister Answers Why S’pore Is Rejecting Foreigners Who Want To Seek Medical Treatment Here

It’s official:

Healthcare in S’pore is, and will be, prioritised for Singaporeans.

“Wait, what does that mean?” Aunt Matilda yells. “So if I’m not Singaporean I will be left to die?”

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Simply put, Singaporeans will be first in line for treatment amid the COVID-19 outbreak…

And overseas visitors wishing to come here for treatment (Covid-19 wise) will be, rather, unfortunately, turned away.

“But that’s so sad!” Aunt Matilda sobs.

I can’t believe it. Aunt Matilda, you’re actually being sympathetic?

“All the hot Ang Mohs who’ll be unable to come in…” she cried. “Why? Why must you do this to me?”

Ah well, moving on.

Minister Lawrence Wong Says Healthcare In S’pore Is Prioritised For S’poreans

The Minister of National Development, Lawrence Wong, has stated that Singapore’s healthcare system is, and will be, prioritising Singaporeans in light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

The statement comes amidst explanations of why Singapore was rejecting overseas visitors pursuing local treatment during the Covid-19 outbreak.

“The main objective, besides reducing the number of infected cases,” Mr Wong said on Sunday (15 March 2020).

“We also do not want a surge in numbers of people coming into Singapore who may well be symptomatic, and then coming here to be tested and to be treated here.”

“We understand why they would like to do so and we would certainly like to help them. But if there is a sudden surge, we don’t have the capacity to do so. And the capacity of our healthcare system must, must, be prioritised for Singaporeans. So that is the reason why we now have this additional requirement in place.”

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Overseas visitors who are keen to come to Singapore for treatment, Mr Wong said, will have their health information accessed.

Those who are deemed unqualified will be notified and will be unable to touch down in Singapore.

Minister Lawrence Wong’s statements come after recent reports, in which four Indonesians had arrived in Singapore to seek medical treatment.

All of them tested positive for Covid-19.

It’s unclear whether they wore masks during their non-isolated time here.

Meanwhile, you can watch the full video clip down below:

Netizens Concur With Mr Wong’s Statement

Despite the possible implications involved, Netizens have largely concurred with Mr Wong’s statement.


A majority felt that the decision was not a selfish one, but one that simply serves to protect the country and its citizens.

Image: Youtube (CNA)
Image: Youtube (CNA)

And really, that begets the question:

Is the act truly one that protects the country…

Or is it a measure that’s a tad too… harsh on overseas visitors?

Tell us in the comments section below!

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