Freaky Video Of Woman Wearing All Red By The Road In S’pore Caught On Dashcam Video


I‘m not a fan of spooky stuff.

If you’ve ever heard me watching a horror movie, the first person to scream is probably yours truly.

The fact that the spooky month just passed by didn’t help either.

Most spooks are usually confined to movies and fiction until you remember that I had to write about a seemingly alive doll head.

Once again, my editors have (not) kindly blessed me with another spook-tacular situation.

Lady In Red

The subheading does not bode well for my heart.

Facebook user ProDriver Den shared a video on 27 October to the ProDrover Community group.

The video shows a driver going along his way when someone…or something catches his eye.

Lady stranded on the street, but, LTA says PHVs cannot pick up 👻*Shared via our Line chat, contact me if you're the driver please* 😘

Posted by ProDriver Den on Sunday, 27 October 2019

Eh, help!

Definitely not out of Chris De Burgh’s song, most of you may have noticed the lady in red standing to the left of the road.

But just in case you missed it, we have the screenshot for you.

Image: Facebook (ProDriver Community)

This is the last thing I’d want to see in the middle of the night, driving or not.

The driver seemed to at least be smart enough not to entertain his curiosity and kept going.

Much to all our relief that is.

Here is a closer picture of her, just in case you would like to take a good look.

Image: Facebook (ProDriver Community)

As of this writing, the video has over 300 reactions, 21 comments and a whooping over 1,700 shares!

Curious Comments Section

At least the favourite part of this spooky situation starts now: digging the comments section for gold.

Understandably, a few people were freaked out.

Image: Facebook (ProDriver Community)
Image: Facebook (ProDriver Community)

The best idea honestly. I am not taking any chances and would promptly leave.

Weirdly enough, most of these comments were from people making light of the situation.

Image: Facebook (ProDriver Community)
Image: Facebook (ProDriver Community)

Girlfriend? Tell her kindly not to spook us please and thank you.

Image: Facebook (ProDriver Community)

But that’s not all. One of the comments actually pointed out something rather interesting.

Take a look.

Image: Facebook (ProDriver Community)

Looking closer at the video, I can actually see a shadow being cast something which most ghostly figures apparently shouldn’t have.

That being said, is the shadow from the lady…or the umbrella?


Regardless, always be safe to the mysteries of such things as you travel. Not all Grab passengers are what they seem.


If you’ll excuse me now, I’ll just head home later and casually not sleep and maybe bring an extra blanket for cover.