Paranormal Activity: Doll Caught on Camera Blinking Eyes & Opening Latched Case By Itself


If someone told me about paranormal activity, I would believe it.

Does it help that this month is Halloween month?

Absolutely not. 

While it might be a month of free candy for some, others also believe it’s hot time for otherworldly activity.

And if you’re one of those people who keeps dolls in their home, know that I’m definitely not stepping foot within ten feet of your place.

Speaking of dolls though…

Introducing The Head

Annabelle who?

Move over because here comes Mr Fritz, an antique ventriloquist doll given to Michael Diamond, 48.

Image: The Sun

Good evening nightmare fuel for the next few days.

Mr Fritz was made by a prisoner at the World War II Stalag II-B camp that used to be in Germany three months ago.

It has been speculated that the prisoner, who created the doll, worked as a ventriloquist before being taken prisoner at Stalag II-B. A ventriloquist is someone who make a doll “talks”. Well, a picture speaks a thousand words:


Or maybe he just wanted to scare the guards?

According to an article by the Daily Mail, Mr Diamond was given the doll earlier this year though not known by whom.

Image: Tenor

Mr Fritz was allegedly taken to America after the end of the war and was owned by an antique shop in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, before arriving in the UK.

I’m not sure why anyone would take one look at this and go, “Sure, thanks for the creepy doll head,” but whatever suits them.

But things get even weirder from here.


Freaky Fritz

After a while, Mr Diamond noticed that the door to Mr Fritz was constantly left open.

This happened once or twice a week, so he decided to set up a GoPro on 19 and 20 September to see what was up.

The findings?

Somebody hold me tight.

For those of you who were (understandably) scared to watch the video, I’ll break it down for you.


The first night seemed pretty normal until the midway through where the case opens despite being latched.

Image: YouTube

The second night sees a similar situation but not before the doll widens its eyes first! Its eyes later shrink but the case proceeds to open even wider.

Image: YouTube

I’m freaking out of here.

Image: Tenor

“I have no idea myself. I don’t even know where to start. There are no open windows in the room and no airflow. The door is on a latch so shouldn’t just swing open,” Mr Diamond said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

He also mentioned having a weird feeling is in his gut after replaying the footage but was more worried than scared.

I’m not sure how he’s walking because the guy obviously has balls of steel.


Or possibly crazy as he still insists on keeping the doll among his trove of collector’s items, but has now chained it up due to fear from his wife and kids.

Image: The Sun

He’s even covered it with a blanket just to completely get it out of sight from the family.

If anything, the chains give an even creepier vibe to the doll.

I know Mr Diamond says he’s emotionally attached to his possessions but come on, everything here should have been a warning sign!

I’m done with this thing. 


Editors, please save me.