Free Live Screening of World Cup at Changi Airport is IG-Worthy: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (9 June)


Finally, after 4 long years of wait, the World Cup fever is back again. Bosses are going to be hopping mad, employees will be getting sick at the same time after a live World Cup match and GPs are going to make money again.

And awesome places like the one we’re going to mention are getting into the soccer fever as well.

But before that, here’s an app-exclusive analysis done by one of our soccer-mad writer (who supports Man-U, by the way) on the World Cup 2018. Yup, we’re getting into the sports business now.

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Okay, moving on. We’ve talked about McDonald’s selected outlets offering free screening, as well as community clubs. Here’s a third one.

Free Live Screening of World Cup 2018 At Changi Airport T3

Here’s your chance to not just view live matches from World Cup 2018 for free, but to watch it on a huge screen.

How big? A 7m by 4m high definition LED screen big.


And to make the experience even more fulfilling for soccer fans, the area will be filled with soft, football-shaped inflatable seats and cosy lounge chairs.

Imagine sitting on these chairs and sinking your feet into soft carpet.


Plus, you can bet on the winning team too. In every match, manage to guess the winning team correctly and you’ll stand a chance to win Changi gift cards worth $300.

And that’s not all, guess it correctly at the finals and stand to win $1,000 Changi gift cards.

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For the transit areas, travellers can catch the live matches at all four terminals.

  • World is Flat (t1)
  • Experience Zone (T2)
  • Pret a Manger (T3)
  • Herman Miller (T4)

May the ball be with you.

Woman Tried to Break Fight in Yishun But Got Injured Instead

If you’re one who has given up hope in humanity, you would need to read this.

A woman decided to stop a fight in a Yishun coffeeshop. She got injured instead, but at least the fight ended.

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Kim Jong-Un Impersonator Detained At Changi Airport

With the upcoming Trump-Kim summit happening in three days time, Singapore is, understandably, in a state of high alert.

Previously, Singapore detained and sent back an Australian with a terrorism-related past and now, an Australian comedian named Lee Howard Ho Wun was detained at Changi Airport.


Going by the name of Howard X, he was famous for impersonating Chairman Kim of the Democratic People Republic of Korea (DPRK).

He claimed that he was detained for two hours and questioned for about 30 minutes.

And that he was told to stay away from special areas Shangri-La and Sentosa Island.

He told the authorities that he wasn’t here to participate in any protests, but to take pictures and videos for political satire purposes.


You Won’t Find Straws & Freezer Bags in IKEA by 2020


Going green is the latest trend in the world. What with the melting ice in the north pole and global warming and all.


So when IKEA said that they won’t be selling single-use plastic items in their stores, we’re not exactly surprised.

The items will stop selling in all IKEA stores globally on 1 Jan 2020. The reason, IKEA said, is to promote sustainable living.

According to them, single-use plastic items can result in damages to the wildlife and environment if not disposed of properly.


The items include:

  • SODA drinking straws
  • SÖTVATTEN drinking straws
  • FÖRNYBAR freezer bags
  • ISIGA ice-cube bags
  • FÖRSLUTAS garbage bags

Besides this new initiative, they are also looking to include more plant-based food portions into their food, as well as pack their furniture in renewable or recycled materials.

Four-Year-Old Girl Found in 5-Day Drug Raid Operation

It was reported that 91 individuals were arrested in a 5-day nation-wide operation by Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).

They found 48g of Ice, 12g of heroin, 32g of cannabis, 23 ecstasy tablets and 55 Erimin-5 tablets.

In a unit near Chin Swee Road, they found a four-year-old girl. Her mother, a 22-year-old drug abuser, was one of the six arrested within the drug den.


The girl had satchet of ice within her reach. She has since been handed over to the Ministry of Social and Family’s Development.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Two South Korean Journalists Arrested For Trespassing Into North Korea Ambassador’s Home

On 8 June, it was reported that two South Korean journalists from KBS were caught trespassing at the home of North Korean ambassador at Joo Chiat.

KBS, after hearing about the issue, said that they were ready to take any measures the Singaporean government deems necessary.


The authorities wants to remind foreigners visiting Singapore to abide by local laws.

If you break the law, you will be dealt with firmly. Including barring you from covering the historic summit between the US president Donald Trump and North Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un.

If convicted, the two men could be jailed up to three months, fined up to $1,500 or both.

S’pore Need To Help With Progress of World Peace

You’ll start seeing this two words getting thrown about all the time, especially in the next few days. If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about, you might like to check one article that I’ve written just for world peace.

From World Peace Medallions


To Trump-Kim inspired food


And how Singapore is doing all it can to make the summit happen, you’d wonder, why ah? Why are we doing so much?

Well, a very esteemed and well-known political figure has stepped up to the podium and talked about it.


A flight from Singapore to North Korea takes 7 hours. And the time needed for a nuclear missile to reach us from North Korea? You’d only need 20 minutes.

Plus, if anything were to happen in any parts of the world, Singapore’s jobs, trades and investments will be affected.

So it’s best to help facilitate something that’ll help us rather than see it get destroyed.

In addition, it boosts the ego too, knowing that our “little red dot” is capable on standing on the world’s map in terms of security.

So, yes, we are footing the bill for the summit. But at the end of the day, if “world peace” becomes just a bit more real than just pretty words, it’ll help Singapore as well.

Think far.


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