Woman Makes Police Report After Allowing Freelance Beautician to Give Her Botox Injection at Home

People say that beauty is pain. But for this woman, she only got pain after her Botox injections.

46-year-old housewife Wang Xiaoping has made a police report after a freelance beautician convinced her to accept Botox injections.

“Beautician” Said That Red and Painful Face Is Normal

Wang met Chen Shuyi, a freelance and self-proclaimed “beautician” back in June 2021. Chen kept persuading Wang to take hyaluronic acid and Botox, enticing her with the idea of smooth and firm skin.

Wang finally agreed to let Chen come to her house and give her the injections on 30 December 2021. She even allowed Chen to use her place to pick up more customers for these injections.

However, after getting the injections, Wang’s face felt extremely uncomfortable. The injection sites, including the corners of the eyes and forehead, were red, swollen, itchy, and full of pimples.

When confronted, Chen claimed that it was perfectly normal for such symptoms to occur after the injections, and that it would get better within a month. She reportedly said, “If you want to become beautiful, you must first become a ghost.”

No Choice But To Naturally Metabolise Substances Away

Even after a month, Wang’s symptoms did not improve at all. She then decided to go seek medical attention as she felt that something was wrong.

Doctors at a polyclinic told Wang that it might be a bacterial infection, and gave her some anti-inflammatory drugs. They also referred her to a specialist.

When consulting the specialist in January 2022, Wang found out that since the injection has been done more than three weeks ago, the substances has already penetrated the skin cells and is difficult to remove. She will have no choice but to let her body metabolise the substances naturally, which could take six to nine months.

In July, after more than six months since the injection, Wang shared with Shin Min Daily News that the pimples on her face are still there. They even become red and painful when exposed to the sun, so you can imagine how uncomfortable she must feel.

She shared that she has made a police report, and is sharing this with the media to warn the public not to be easily fooled by such scams.

Illegal and Dangerous Injections

Dr. Chen Xiuqian, a dermatologist at Raffles Dermatology and Cosmetic Medical Center, told Shin Min that botulinum and hyaluronic acids are common ingredients in cosmetic injections.

However, they carry certain risks, especially in the hands of illegal beauty salons and beauticians who aren’t qualified to give injections. Improper injections of these ingredients may cause congestion and redness of the face.

In fact, in serious cases, incorrect injections of botulinum could cause an inability to close the mouth properly, a crooked mouth while smiling, or even an inability to open one’s eyes due to drooping upper eyelids.

It could also lead to other complications like poisoning, muscle weakness, breathing difficulties, and even death.

Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid injections could cause bacterial infections, local skin necrosis, and scarring. If it is accidentally injected into blood vessels, it may even cause permanent blindness or stroke.

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Check MOH’s List of Professionals

The Ministry of Health has also stated that only doctors registered with the Singapore Medical Council can provide such injection services. Otherwise, it will be counted as a violation of the Medical Registration Act.

First-time offenders may face one year’s imprisonment, and or a fine of up to $100,000. Repeat offenders could face up to two years’ imprisonment, and or a fine of up to $200,000.

Before any medical procedure, do check MOH’s website for their list of certified medical professionals. Especially if the procedure is by some shady freelance worker you just met.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News