Friend Allegedly Asked To Borrow Money But Refused to Sign Repayment Agreement

When I was younger, I used to have a really good neighbour. We would frequently hang out together after school.

One day, there were scribbles on the wall beside the lift.

On the wall, “O$P$”, followed by my neighbour’s unit number were written with a big fat red marker.

I didn’t understand what was written there then, but now I do.

I found out that his father had borrowed money from a loan shark.

Friends Over Loansharks 

Illegal debt collectors are scary, which is why sometimes we resort to borrowing money from a friend.

But sometimes, because they are your friend, people take advantage of that and they either take a very long time to return your money or they never do.

And they aren’t worried about you doing anything because what can you do? You’re their friend.

It’s not like you are going to go over to their place and splash it with red paint.

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However, Malaysian Hasrul Jejai seemed to have solved the issue.

He Was Going To Offer His Friend The Money If He Had Signed The Agreement

After loaning multiple friends money, he came to realise that many of his friends refused to pay him back on time.

So when a friend of Hasrul asked for a loan of RM350 (S$115.50), he told him he would be happy to loan his friend the money if he signed an agreement that guarantees his repayment.

He Wasn’t Joking 

He even offered to organise a meeting with a commissioner for oaths to sign the agreement.

The friend eventually declined.

I can bet a 100 bucks that he wasn’t actually planning to return the money once he got it. 

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Owe Money Pay Money 

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking of that one friend who hasn’t paid you, remind them to pay you soon.

You have the rights to claim back your own money. Don’t be afraid of them.

And if you haven’t paid your friend for the meal that they have so kindly paid for you, please, please, pay them back.

Don’t wait till they bring you to court. 

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