Friends Arrested & Detained For 14 Hours By Police After Bringing Deodorant Powder Into Hotel W Sentosa

Image: Instagram (Sharoniaparuntu)


We’ve heard a ton of stories about folks who have fallen victim to false arrests… It’s mildly funny. I say “mildy” because my mother taught me to always be sensitive to other people’s predicaments.

If you think you’ve had it bad, imagine being called out by the police for powdered deodorant.

What was supposed to be a birthday staycation with her friends turned into a disastrous chain of events leading to an eventful trip down the Police Cantonment Complex.

The Unfortunate Chain of Events

According to a review left on TripAdvisor, the accused, Sharonia Paruntu, had booked a room at Hotel W Sentosa for her birthday celebration. Her stay was scheduled for 9 and 10 November.

She documented the entirety of the incident on her Instagram stories.

Image: Instagram (Sharoniaparuntu)

Two of Sharonia’s friends had gotten themselves stuck in the bathroom of their hotel room. The others attempted to break them free but to no avail. Instead, the glass sliding door shattered.

Image: Instagram (Sharoniaparuntu)

After a 30 minute ordeal, the girls decided to phone the hotel staff for assistance.

Upon the staff’s arrival, one of them took notice of the bottle of powdered deodorant and accused the group for bringing drugs into the hotel. Sharonia also said that the staff did not even bother to ask what the powder was and instead jumped into their own conclusions.

Image: Instagram (Sharoniaparuntu)

Could have been snake powder for Eczema. But who cares? It’s probably drugs.

Teenagers Were Handcuffed and Treated Like Criminals 

The teenagers were handcuffed and were escorted out of the hotel like criminals. It was an awfully humiliating experience for the gang.

They were kept in confinement for at least 14 hours. According to Sharonia, they were treated very much like criminals during the lock-up. They were allegedly told to sleep on the floor of the cell and was only served food once.

Image: Instagram (Sharoniaparuntu)

According to Mothership, the police later confirmed the following incident through a statement. In the statement it was revealed that the teenagers were released at 1.43 am on 11 November.

This was after tests revealed that the powder was after all not drugs.

Image: Instagram (Sharoniaparuntu)

To make matters worst, Sharonia was fined $1,700 for the glass door that was broken during the incident.

Meanwhile, her father took the complaint to Facebook. The post has since been shared 5.2K times and has garnered over 700 reactions from Netizens.

Now that’s a party gone wrong.

We do hope that somehow Sharonia and the girls found a way to celebrate her birthday despite everything that hit the fan. Happy belated birthday!

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