In the Future, We Might All Be ‘Eating’ Water Instead of Drinking Them


A company in the UK, Skipping Rocks Lab, is developing a new biodegradable packaging radically different from traditional beverage packaging.

Soon, water might just not come in bottles anymore, but in clear bubbles.


The point of this blob, called the Ooho!, is to drastically reduce, and one day completely render obsolete, the wasteful plastic packaging that clutters our Earth. Just plastic water bottles alone, there are an estimated 1 billion bottles being lost or dumped into the oceans every year.

Imagine how much plastic we can save, and how much pollution we can prevent if all these become the biodegradable blobs instead?

The best thing about these blobs, is that they’re completely edible and entirely tasteless, not to mention even cheaper to manufacture than plastic bottles.

I wasn’t kidding about the edible part. Take a look.

The clear bubble is made out of plants and seaweed, and biodegrades in 4 to 6 weeks if you choose to not consume it. It can even be coloured and flavoured, and can last for a few days.

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You can either pop it in your mouth like in the video, or prick/bite/whatever a small hole in the bubble and drink the water inside. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to refill or close it back up again.

However, the blob looks kinda fragile, so there’s the problem of transportation and storage, but this is a really innovative step in the right direction. We’re already spending way too much resources on manufacturing packaging that ultimately end up polluting our environment.

Also, it’s really cool just slurping up a large bubble filled with water.