Gamer So Obsessed With Game, He Continued Gaming Even After Vomiting Blood


How far are you willing to go for your favourite game? Miss a homework deadline or something like that, right?

How about dying? When you hear what happened to this gamer, you’ll either smh or go, ahhh, dumb this guy is.

Check out what happened last week.

Man Collapsed in an Internet Bar, Starts Spitting Blood

There are hardcore gamers, and there are hardcore gamers out there. This time, we’re talking about the latter.

In Lu’an City, Anhui Province, China, officers were notified about a man who collapsed at the internet cafe. He was delirious and throwing up blood at the time.

Rushing down to the cafe, the officers found out that he has been online for 9 hours straight. A clear-cut case, nothing worth writing about, right? Wrong.

‘Help me up, I must win!’


He returned to reality when the ambulance arrived, and immediately requested, not for help for his health, but for them to help him get back up because he and his team is about to win the game.

Of course, the police ignored him and shut down his game anyway before bringing him to the hospital. 

Treated at the Hospital and Discharged Safe & Sound

He received treatment and was discharged in good condition.

Who wants to bet that he’ll make his way back to the internet cafe after leaving the hospital? 

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