The New Nokia 3310 is a Smartphone After All & Has a Month-Long Battery

In 2000, the battle of the smartphones phones was simple: it’s Nokia 3210 vs Nokia 3310 vs Nokia 8210. The winner (IMO) was Nokia 3310, the phone that almost everyone in the 90s used to own before.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise when Nokia decided to relaunch the iconic phone, primarily for nostalgia’s sake.

At the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia released more information about the relaunched Nokia 3310, and it’s either going to make you go “OMG I NEED THAT” OR “WTF is that!?”

The key takeaway is that it looks just like the classic phone, but is lighter and thinner. There’s no mention of whether it can take a bullet or not, but the height is similar. The reveal of the phone during the event was pretty short as their focus was on introducing the “real” phones: The Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, which I don’t really give a damn.


What are revealed are these: it has a month-long battery, 22 hours of talk-time and “it has Snake”. In fact, the official Nokia website that introduces the phone even positioned Snake as a unique selling point. I don’t remember buying Nokia 3310 in the past for Snake?


The phone also has a 2 MP camera with LED flash and supports dual SIM Cards. To add new to old, it has 16 MB storage (WTF?) with MicroSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB (!?).

But here’s the thing: it uses 2.5G speed, which means it might not be supported in our high-speed city (it will be phased out on 1 April 2017 in Singapore).

Then again, let’s face it: this isn’t a phone for you to use. Costing about SGD$72, you can buy a low-end 3G phone that has way more functions and even runs on Android (this Nokia 3310, FYI, doesn’t seem to run on Android).

It’s unknown whether the new Nokia 3310 will arrive on our shores: in 2014, Microsoft bought Nokia, and a new Finnish company, HMD Global, bought the phone business from Nokia last year. One interesting fact is that the company is managed by veteran Nokia staff—people who once made everyone in Singapore used the same brand for years.

Now, if I may, I’ll rather buy this casing instead of the relaunched Nokia 3310.

Image: Pinterest

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