Don’t Say Bojio: 50% off All Attractions in Gardens by the Bay Until 22 March 2020

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While COVID-19 is all that everyone can talk about these days, here is something a little more positive to brighten up your day.

We’re back with another hot deal, and this time, it’s 50% off all attractions in Gardens by the Bay!

We all know discounts and promotions are just ways for businesses to gain back some of their customers after being hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, but hey, who doesn’t love offers?

Don’t Say Bojio: 50% off All Attractions in Gardens by the Bay Until 22 March 2020

From now until 22 March 2020, all Singapore residents (that means it’s eligible for foreigners who have a long-term pass in Singapore) will be able to enjoy this 50% discount for the following tickets:

  • One conservatory (Flower Dome or Cloud Forest)
    • Adult: $6 (U.P. $12)
    • Child: $4 (U.P. $8)
    • Senior: $4 (U.P. $8)
  • Two conservatories (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest)
    • Adult: $10 (U.P. $20)
    • Child: $6 (U.P. $12)
    • Senior: $7.50 (U.P. $15)
  • Floral Fantasy
    • Adult: $6 (U.P. $12)
    • Child: $4 (U.P. $8)
    • Senior: $4 (U.P. $8)
  • Supertree Observatory
    • Adult: $5 (U.P. $10)
    • Child: $3 (U.P. $6)
    • Senior: $3 (U.P. $6)
  • Attraction Bundle (Only available for purchase at the Gardens by the Bay Ticketing Counters)

If you’re not already tempted by the prices to head down to Gardens by the Bay and take some #igworthy shots, here are some photos that may actually tempt you.

Supertree Observatory

Take a look at the Supertree Observatory attraction. The Supertrees are designed with large canopies that provide shade in the day.

Image: Gardens by the Bay

But hey, they come alive with all the beautiful lights at night, allowing you to take the perfect aesthetic shot after you enjoy the views. Lest you didn’t know, you can watch it from below for free, but you’d have to pay to enter the tree and go up the scary yet IG-worthy bridge!

Image: Gardens by the Bay

Image: Gardens by the Bay

Image: Gardens by the Bay

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Floral Fantasy

Image: Tripadvisor

Imagine having this as your backdrop as you ask your partner or your friend to help you take a photo.


Image: Tripadvisor

If you think this is really pretty, wait till you see the rest of the attraction.


Floral Dome

Feeling sad that you aren’t able to travel much because of the COVID-19 outbreak? Why not head over to the Floral Dome and feel as if you’re in the land of Japan and see some cherry blossoms in real life?

Image: Gardens by the Bay

Seeing all these photos makes me want to just abandon work and go right now.

Don’t miss this 50% discount on the tickets to these wonderful attractions and while you’re at it, make as many memories as you can with your loved ones!


Event Details

Where: Gardens by the Bay


When: Now till 22 March 2020

For more info about terms and conditions, tap here.

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