German Cafe Gets Customers to Wear Unique Hats to Ensure That Safe-Distancing Rules Are Followed


As the Covid-19 situation improves in some countries, these places have decided to ease their lockdown measures and to open their market a step at a time, allowing locals to get back to their daily life slowly.

One of these countries includes Germany, where they had lower death tolls compared to their neighbouring Europe countries due to their extensive testing.

While the easing of measures may have triggered a demonstration, as demonstrators flood the streets protesting against lockdown measures and social distancing rule, some Germans are taking the social distancing rules seriously and have come up with creative ways to help flatten the curve.

A Social Distancing Headgear

As eateries and restaurants are opening up to welcome their customers back in store, they are also required to ensure a safe distance between diners.

While it may be a little of a hassle to some, these are necessary measures to help lower the infection rates.

One café has stood out among all for their creativity and quirkiness.

Rather than the ordinary way of using floor markings to keep people apart, this café had distributed straw hats instead.


Look at how adorable they are:

Image: Facebook (Cafe & Konditorei Rothe)

With two colourful swimming noodles attached at the top of the hat, these hats are sure to ensure a safe distance between diners – or they will risk slapping onto one another.

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Not only is this an effective way, it definitely is a fun way to lighten the tension of the entire COVID-19 situation, and is a good Instagram moment.

Though it’s nowhere near this:


Or this:


Situation in Germany Now

While it’s not compulsory for everyone to wear a pool noodle hat in Germany, that would have helped a lot if everyone has been wearing one in the last two weeks.

Ever since Germany eased their lockdown measures, the R naught (R0) over in the country has increased.

R0 is basically a formula to calculate how many people an infected person can infect, so it’s an important number to look at instead of the daily new cases.

When Germany eased many lockdown measures, the R0 is at 0.65, and since then, it has been increasing steadily, though experts think that more time is needed to confirm that there is an upward trend.

Maybe they just need everyone in the country to wear a pool noodle hat. That might help.

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