Geylang NPC Won the Internet Again With Humourous Forecast of the Tiger Year


Last September, Geylang NPC showed us that the Singapore Police Force has their own Imran, too.

The clothed version of the Mocca man made his social media debut, showing us that we can make police reports at home or at self-help kiosks, all while flexing his biceps that look as big as my thighs.

The Mocca man, Staff Sergeant Fadhly, also have a cameo in a SPF music video, whereby it’s revealed that his favourite place turns out to be the gym.

What a surprise.

And with CNY, the social media team behind Geylang NPC gets creative again: instead of pasting SSG Fadhly’s biceps everywhere and telling us that those biceps aren’t made of CNY cookies, they did something much more familiar: images about the forecast of the Tiger Year…with a twist.

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Geylang NPC Won the Internet Again With Humourous Forecast of the Tiger Year

If you’re old enough, you’d know that every year, boomers stayed up late during Chinese New Year eve to hear an expert spoke about the forecast for the new year on Channel 8.

The expert would be superimposed on a red background that comprises text overlays of what he was saying.

With the Internet, it’s now more common to see these as a picture album on social media.


Geylang NPC did the same thing…with a twist.

While it looks like a forecast for the Tiger Year…it’s indeed a forecast for the Tiger Year.

For example, for your “Career”, here’s what the expert says:

You should work hard in the coming year and do not be late for work. If you are planning for a career switch, please ignore job advertisements of a dubious nature and beware of job offers that promise with returns for little efforts.

If that sounds familiar, the expert, the Commanding Officer of Geylang NPC DSP Lee Ting Wei, is talking about those unsolicited job offers you receive on Telegram.

Reader Bao: They’re scams?

You should really download our app, my dear reader.

They have a forecast for all aspects of your life, and somehow managed to include an anti-scam message in each forecast.

Truly an expert.


Now, if you die die need to share something on Facebook during Chinese New Year, this should be the album that you share.

In the meantime, you can also watch these anti-scam videos we’ve done in collaboration with the SPF:

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Featured Image: Facebook (Geylang NPC)