Girl Called SCDF ‘A Low Class, Dirty Job’ on FB Page & Netizens Respond Fast & Furious

Disclaimer: this article might trigger past and present SCDF personnel, and incite strong language use and maybe even physical violence.

You’ve been warned.

Just yesterday, on 6 September 2017, popular confessions page NTU Confessions published an anonymous post that kinda fired ‘shots’ at one of the Army’s more gritty forces, the SCDF.

Image: NTU Confessions Page

If you can’t read it, here’s what she has written:

“Dilemma. Huge one. My boyfriend of two years have decided to be an SCDF regular. Initially i was ok until my parents commented that its a dirty hands job done by certain people only. To me personally, army is still ok but police or scdf is low class jobs Done by “some people” only. I tried to convince my bf because he has a degree why should he do that kind of job. But all those pleas fell on death ears. I feel like i need to save my parents face too. And with that kind of manual labor job i can forget about having a posh wedding.

Whenever my friends asked me what kind of profession he is in, i would just lie and say that he is doing some business startup, no concrete plans yet.

Any advice?”

Meanwhile SCDF personnel be like

Image: Meme maker


What did the outspoken Netizens have to say about this?

To make it easier for you to decipher, I have categorized the comments into three sections: Savages, the sharp-tongued Educators and the Karma’ists.


Image: NTU Confessions Facepage Page
Image: NTU Confessions Facepage Page
Image: NTU Confessions Facepage Page
Image: NTU Confessions Facebook Page

Sharp-tongued Educators

Image: NTU Confessions Facebook Page
Image: NTU Confessions Facebook Page

The Karma’ists, who have perfected the art of ‘cursing her but not actually cursing her’

Image: NTU Confessions Facebook Page
Image: NTU Confessions Facebook Page
Image: NTU Confessions Facebook Pag

The fact that the writer had deemed the SCDF as a ‘low-class’ job just makes me speechless. Is the act of saving people ‘low-class’?

Is the act of fighting lethal fires ‘low-class’? Well, perhaps saving her would be a ‘low-class’ act, seeing as she’s  so unappreciative and all up on her high-and-mighty ass #sorrynotsorry

Just so you know, the graduate pay of a SCDF senior officer is between $3,450 to $4,550. If that’s not not enough for a posh wedding, then her definition of “posh” might be very different from ours.

Lest she didn’t know, when a building is burning, firemen rush in while people rush out #SCDFFTW

Image :

Of course, we wonder whether this is a troll confession or a legit one.

If it’s a troll, then NTUConfessions has just successfully gained many Likes without spending a single cent. If it’s legit, then the girl should really be taught a lesson by the popular legit SCDF Facebook Page #justsaying

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