If Your Girlfriend Asks You These 10 Questions. NEVER Answer. They’re Trick Questions

Ah, girlfriends. Such complicated beings. They’re sweet when you don’t cross them but the most devious things when you do. There are times girlfriends do what they do best which is asking questions you don’t even know how to begin to answer. Not all girlfriends will take you off guard with some of these bizarre questions but if they do, sometimes NOT answering them could also land you into a hell lot of trouble. Here are 10 questions girlfriends ask that you’ll need to be very cautious of. Or else.

I think she’s gorgeous. Do you think she’s gorgeous?
Answering this may seem harmless, right? She did say herself that the other girl is gorgeous so agreeing with her is okay. Wrong. Not okay. Your girlfriend wants to make sure that she and only she is the most gorgeous creature that you have set your eyes on if not, that would probably be the last time you do.

Am I fat?
So you’ve been put on the spot. What do you do? Be honest? Don’t be honest? Run and hide? Women are very sensitive about their weight but being dishonest won’t help either. You don’t think we already know if we’ve put on a few pounds? Being silent and not giving an answer is also an answer itself. So be smart about this one. Good luck.

If you were to choose between your mum and myself, who would you choose?
Why a girlfriend would ask such a thing is beyond me especially as a woman myself but I’ve encountered people like this before. You are going to have a hell of a time if this question pops up and all I can say is, why are you even if someone who asks these type of questions anyway?

Does this dress make me look fat?
Refer to second question. Sometimes this question isn’t about their weight. It’s about how good they look in the outfit and they want some reassurance about it. Annoying as it may be, your girlfriend just wants you to tell them they look good in whatever they wear.

What do you think of my friends?
Let’s be honest here. Not every girlfriend’s group of friends are likable and easy to get along with. You even hate their guts sometimes and it’s okay. But if your girlfriend asks this question, don’t be a bitch about it. They’re her friends and understand that they’re her support system. So you better like her friends.

Do you notice anything different about me?
Girlfriends expect you to know every single detail about them and most of the time, you fail to see even the most obvious change. Some don’t care really but there are girlfriends who would get very upset if you didn’t notice they just got their nails done. If you can’t tell what’s different, don’t lie. For this question, maybe you should run and hide.

Would you die for me?
Yes, girlfriends get a little dramatic sometimes. They want to know how far you would go for them in the relationship. But if she asks this, it’s either she’s just being overly dramatic, or she’s just demented. Or both. That’s on you.

Why do you love me?
Well, you cannot NEVER answer this one. She really wants to know for sure why is it that you love her. Can’t blame her for wanting this kind of reassurance in the relationship. However, it’s also a trick question because she’s asking to see how you perceive her not only as your girlfriend but as a person and a woman.If you tell her it’s because she’s ‘hot’, don’t expect her to appreciate your answer.

Do you think I should start going on a diet?
Again. Remember how sensitive women get about these things. It’s another tactic to asking whether she’s fat.

How’s your ex doing?
The last thing your girlfriend wants to know is that you know what’s going in your ex’s life. If it has already ended, then that ex is meant to be history or even better non-existent. Continue associating with your past love even as friends is never a pretty thing for your present relationship.

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