Girls, This Interview Shows Why Guys Are ALWAYS Confused

Guys always say that girls are the most difficult creature to understand. When girls say something, they always mean something else which guys will never understand.

This logic is proven in this interview, where the girl contradicts herself and no one can really understand what she truly means.

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Posted by 我傻我快樂 on Friday, 9 December 2016

The following is a translation of the interview as the interview was conducted in Cantonese.

The question asked by the interviewer was “If you found out that your rich boyfriend is actually very poor, will you break up with him?”

The girl said yes immediately as she does not want a dishonest boyfriend.

However, when the interviewer asked: “If you find out that your broke boyfriend is actually very rich, will you break up with him?”

This time, she replied no immediately. She explained that money does not matter and she will stay with her boyfriend as long as he is honest with her. She is simply looking for someone who is willing to care for her and stay true to her.

This double standard left many people confused.

In the second part of the interview, she was asked: “What do you think about the people who are going crazy about getting their hands on the new iPhone 7?”

She replied:”I don’t understand what the craze is for. Iphone 7 is so expensive. Why would you want to get it?”

She went on further to say, “Instead of chasing after iPhone 7, why not chase after me instead? I’m not expensive and can be easily cared for.”

“Well, that’s true. Then, what conditions must he fulfil in order to woo you?”, asked the interviewer. 

“Oh simple. Just get me an iPhone 7,” she answered.

All in all, her answers to the questions were full of contradictions. She gave not only contradictions but also double standards that left everyone confused. This is probably why guys will never understand girls like her since she’s always changing her answers depending on the situation. 

Ever since the video was posted on Facebook, it has already garnered more than 742 000 views and was shared more than 7600 times.

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