Glenn Yong Claims Person Who Said That His Videos Are ‘Cringe’ is Rude

Last Updated on 2023-08-01 , 12:49 pm

Even if you think someone is cringe, is that really going to be the first thing you say when you meet them face-to-face?

A stranger approached Glenn Yong and did just that, which he then shared on social media as a “straight-up rude” comment.

“Your Videos Damn Cringe Sia”

The Ah Girls Go Army actor shared a series of Instagram stories on 15 October, describing his encounter with a rude stranger.

He was at a birthday celebration and was being introduced to some people, when a person suddenly approached him and said super loudly: “Eh, you’re the Glenn Yong right? I saw you on TikTok, your videos damn cringe sia.”

The person then proceeded to say that the Ah Girls Go Army films were cringe too, and that the cast’s singing of the theme song was awkward.

Yong then said that he welcomes constructive criticism and feedback, but this comment was just “straight-up rude”. This is especially since that was his first time meeting that person, and that stranger didn’t even bother introducing themselves before criticising his works.

“It doesn’t matter whether I’m a celebrity or not. You don’t talk like that to people. Especially someone you’ve just met for the first time.”

Image: Instagram (Glenn Yong)

Others Hating on Yong’s Fandom

Yong also said that there has been haters mocking his fans’ actions, saying that they’re acting like K-pop fans.

For instance, his fans appeared at the airport to welcome Yong back to Singapore.


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They also had a billboard display at City Hall MRT Station to celebrate Yong’s 26th birthday. These are common things that Kpop fans do too.


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In response to the haters, Yong said that people continue to criticise local artists no matter whether they have supporters or not. It seems like nobody can ever please anyone.

He then encouraged everyone to spread love and not hate, and ended off with a note to his fans: “I appreciate you so much and I hope you’re not too affected by the nasty comments. Love you guys.”

Image: Instagram (Glenn Yong)

In recent months, Glenn has also been in the headlines for another reason. Watch this and you’d understand:

Featured Image: Instagram (Glenn Yong)