Fight Outside Golden Mile Complex Was Reportedly Due to a Woman Being Bumped Into


It seems that the lifting of drinking restrictions after 10:30pm has really thrown people’s inhibitions out of the window, because we have yet another fight on our hands.

Instead of the empty street near Katong Square, the brawl occurred at Golden Mile Complex, a place known for its low-key nightlife establishments and KTVs, in the early hours of a Thursday morning (14 Apr).

Was it really necessary to resort to fisticuffs? Ugh.

The Hectic Brawl

The main video uploaded to the Singapore Incidents Facebook page, which caught the most attention, started with a fight among three men.

The man fully dressed in black is ganged up on by two other men of similar stature, except one is in a grey hoodie, while the other is wearing white shorts.

Having the advantage in numbers, the pair shove the opponent to the ground, with the man in white shorts holding his opponent in a leg lock as the man in grey hoodie pummels his back with his fists.

Once certain that their opponent wouldn’t be getting up anytime soon, they literally kick him while he’s down, with enough force that the sound of impact is captured by the phone despite the noise in the background. 

Image: (Singapore Incidents)

Suddenly, the camera shifts dramatically to the storefronts where another fight is breaking out.

The most attention-grabbing individual is definitely the lonesome, barefooted figure (where are his shoes, seriously), and while his black singlet completes his ah beng look and Hokkien/Mandarin provocations, his fashion choices dampen his threatening posture a little.

Image: (Singapore Incidents)

Since the camera pans quickly, we barely get a glimpse of his darkly dressed opponent who’s stalking towards him.

Not that it really matters though, because the previous guy in white shorts joins the fray and takes him off guard by putting him in a headlock from the back.

In a three-versus-one scenario, the results go predictably: the darkly dressed man gets his ass handed back to him as the black singlet man and grey hoodie man start kicking him while he struggles to get out of the chokehold.

Image: (Singapore Incidents)

At the last moment, a man in a white shirt charges forward to stop the violence, with a woman in green shirt assisting him.

In the foreground, a woman in a long-sleeved black shirt and denim jeans can be seen being helped up by her friends in a white blouse and chequered red-and-white shirt respectively.

Image: (Singapore Incidents)

Needless to say, the entire 22-second video is a piping hot mess.


4 Men Arrested

When inquired, the police told The Straits Times that they were made aware of the brawl at 2:40am.

Graveyard shifts are terrible, but it’s worse when you have to deal with maybe-drunkards and people running on short fuses.

They arrested 4 men in total, ages ranging from 22 to 25, and they are currently investigating the case.

If they are convicted of being a public nuisance by melee fighting, they may face a maximum of one year in prison, a fine of $5,000, or both.

One of the men required treatment from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) at the scene.


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How Did the Fight Break Out?

Given the viciousness that burst out from the dominant group, you’d think that the fight was premeditated or there was some kind of hidden vendetta.

But nope.

Lianzao Zaobao reported that the groups weren’t acquainted with each other at all. 

Allegedly, the fight broke out because the other group had bumped into one of their female companions as they were preparing to leave the premises, outside the toilet.

Since we only got the tail-end of the short fight, it can be assumed that whatever the two men did was enough to piss off the entire group, thus leading to a messy brawl where the two men were shoved to the ground and kicked around.

A Golden Mile of Complexities

Besides that, there was another video that surfaced on the Singapore Incidents Facebook Page.


The second video was posted on the next day (15 Apr), where a group of people could be seen surrounding someone lying on the floor, almost protectively.

A female-sounding voice can be heard shouting incoherently in the background, and it’s unknown what transpired before it.

In fact, it’s not even clear when this incident took place, or what happened, because the timestamp just states “EP.1 Golden Mile Complex 4AM”.

Image: (Singapore Incidents)

Judging from how there aren’t any familiar faces of the fighters—who had been arrested—or any bystanders/helpers from the first incident, it’s likely that it’s a separate incident altogether.


The poster has a sardonic sense of humour too, as they titled the video “Golden Mile Complex becoming fight clubs, not night clubs”.

Also, why is the video captioned as Episode 1? 

Is it implying that something happened afterwards, or it’s just trying to screw with the audience? 

Compared to the first video, the video of the woman in hysterics didn’t gain any police attention.

Please Drink Moderately and Exercise Decorum

Perhaps the physical altercations that have been happening in droves recently is a result of people letting themselves loose after nearly three years of pandemic restrictions.

Maybe it’s a dip in alcohol tolerance, or people have itchy fingers. Who knows.

What’s more worrying is that nightlife business technically isn’t in full swing yet, at least, as the Multi-Ministry Taskforce declared that karaoke and nightlife businesses will only resume on 19 April.

As it stands, it’s only 17 April, and such fights are already breaking out.


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Featured Images: Facebook (Singapore Incidents)