3 Gong Cha Outlets to Reopen Today (23 May) But Only for Delivery with No Takeaway

Over the past few days and weeks, Singaporeans have managed to satiate their insatiable thirst for bubble tea by way of ordering from designated eateries on delivery sites.

On Foodpanda, for instance, bubble tea brands are routinely paired up with a restaurant’s signature dish to ensure maximum taste (and profits).

And yet, even with this slick, improvised method of getting their barred bubble tea across the bobaway, something still feels missingFor one, some patrons might want the beverage alone; others might feel that there’s an authenticity exclusive to ordering from the bubble tea establishment itself. Whatever it is, one thing seems to be sure:

Singaporeans want their wholesale bubble tea back.

3 Gong Cha Outlets to Reopen Today (23 May)

And it seems that Singaporeans have gotten their wish.

Albeit in a partial kind of way.

According to a previous Instagram post (which has since been deleted), popular bubble tea chain Gong Cha announced that it has been allowed to re-open three dessert stores for business. The outlets are as follows:

  • Causeway Point
  • Paya Lebar Quarter
  • NEX

As per the new normal, only delivery and takeaway orders are allowed.

Safety ambassadors from Gong Cha will also be at the stores to ensure optimal crowd control.

Image: Instagram (Gong Cha Singapore)

Rectification: Only Delivery With No Takeaway

As I mentioned earlier on, the aforementioned Instagram announcement has since been taken down.

And perhaps, just perhaps, it had to do with the following update on Gong Cha Singapore’s Facebook page.

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In the post, the bubble tea chain expressed its full support for enhanced-CB measures, and stated that the three stores will now accept only delivery orders.

Their delivery partners are as follows:

  • Deliveroo
  • Foodpanda
  • GrabFood

Well, guess it’s still way better than nothing.

Thank Their Boba Pancakes

If you recall, it was previously decided that F&B outlets predominantly retailing beverages were not allowed to reopen from 2 June.

So what on earth makes Gong Cha so special, you wonder. They P2W ah?

Lest you’re indeed wondering that, think no further, for the answer lies in their hotcakes:

Or to be more specific, souffle pancakes.

Image: Goody Feed

Yes, folks. These irresistible babies are the reason why Gong Cha’s allowed to re-open specific outlets. As these outlets serve souffle pancakes as well, they are not classed under F&B outlets predominantly retailing beverages, and as such are granted a little leeway to open early.

Image: Goody Feed

Well, whoever thought up the idea of serving boba pancakes in a bubble tea shop should really get a pay raise. Though as my fellow writer puts it…

They are still not the ideal combination.


Here’s a review of the pancake.

And there you have it folks; bubble tea galore from the original store! So if you’re craving some Gong Cha and don’t feel like procuring a side meal from Ah Hock’s Bakery, feel free to drop that order on one of the brand’s delivery partners!

Don’t say BoJio ah. 😉

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