Gong Cha Fluffy Pancake with Boba Tea Pearls Review: Best Pancake; Worst Combination


A wise man once said: you can put bubble tea pearls into anything.

I didn’t believe him until I saw this…

Image: SoraNews24

…and was convinced that soon, people would be putting those black balls into our Coke.

But yesterday, I started to disagree.

Not everything should be paired with pearls, and this fluffy pancake with bubble tea pearls is an example.

Yeah, it’s a pancake showered with Gong Cha pearls.

Though technically, it’s not a pancake, but a soufflé, but given that I’m a low-SES man who calls soft serve ice-cream, I’m still going to call it a pancake.

So, why is it a bad combination?

Let’s find out.

Gong Cha in Causeway Point Trying Very Hard

Before that, we need to promote our YouTube channel you need to know more about bubble tea, so here’s a video about bubble tea that we’ve done:

Done watching? Okay, let’s move on.

Unlike Gong Cha in other places, the new Gong Cha outlet within Causeway Point (not the outlet at Woodlands MRT Station) is unique.

Firstly, it has seats though it’s extremely limited.

Secondly, it’s not crowded with tons of people waiting for their drinks; instead, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the outlet at Woodlands MRT Station has a longer waiting time.

And thirdly, it has been coming out with some exclusive items.


Like this:

Which I’ve tried and written a review here.

And lately this:


Now, this is even weirder than bubble tea soft serve: I mean, just think about it: soufflé is eggy while pearls are…chewy. It’s like the marriage between Song Joongki and Song Hye-kyo: sounds and looks good on paper, but there’d be internal problems.

Before anything, here’s something that you’ll see at the counter:

However, don’t worry about that: mine came within ten minutes or so, so you don’t need to have a meal at the Swensen’s that’s opposite before indulging in this.

How does it taste, though?

Here’s a no-holds-barred review in one word:



I kid you not. The soufflé is extremely soft; so soft that it feels like it’s an egg tart that can hold its shape by itself. If not for the name, I won’t have expected any flour in it. In fact, I’d say that it’s probably the best-est pancake I’ve ever had, though I don’t eat pancake often.

The cream’s sweet enough to blend in well with the souffle, almost like how honey matches pancake.

Everything’s perfect until…I bit into a pearl.

What the heck is that!?


I’d have a perfect dessert if not for the chewy pearls that is like an outcast who comes to a party uninvited.

It just doesn’t go well with the softness of the souffle; all I’m thinking of as I have the soufflé is this:

After I’m done with the dessert, I left a bulk of the pearls there—something that would cause XiaoBeach73 to hulkify.

I’ll give it a resounding 5/5 if it doesn’t come with the pearls.

With the pearls? I’ll be 3.5/5.

Gong Cha should really start a café selling those soufflés.