A Study Shows That Cheese is Good For You

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Attention all cheese lovers!

Are you one of those who always pours all the cheese you had onto your pizza? Do you also put cheese onto your ramen?

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If that’s you, you’re in luck!

According to delish, researchers from Soochow University in China has confirmed that eating a small amount of cheese each day could benefit your heart.

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The study was published in the December 2017 issue of the European Journal of Nutrition.

It claims that eating 40g of cheese everyday can greatly reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.

40g of cheese is about the size of a matchbox.


I can easily do that, easy game.

A group of people who did that saw a 14% reduction in likelihood to develop coronary heart disease. They were also 10% less likely to have a stroke.

High-fat dairy products like cheese are often thought to be unhealthy. A study has shown that there’s “limited evidence” of its negativity.


The probiotics in cheese are also found to help it’s ability to increase ‘good’ cholesterol while lowering those that are ‘bad’.

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The study also notes that cheese acts as a good source of “cardiovascular protective properties” such as vitamins, proteins and minerals.


So fret not, go ahead and indulge in all that cheesiness!

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