Google Releases Top Searches in S’pore & Monica Baey is One of Them


Using Google to search stuff is pretty much a no-brainer in 2019.

In fact, I daresay that it’s less of a decision than a reflex when we don’t know something nowadays.

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I also don’t think many of us consciously realise how much we look up certain pages or information.

Though I assure you ‘ramen places in Singapore’ is undoubtedly my top search. 

Curiously enough, have you ever wondered what are some hot Google searches Singaporeans lookup?

Top Local Searches

Mildly disappointed that there aren’t many food searches.

According to TODAYOnlineGoogle released some data on 12 December showing the top trending searches among Singaporeans across a wide variety of categories.

Some of these weren’t too unexpected, though.

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One of the top news searches was about the Hong Kong protests.

Despite going on since June, the situation grows deeper every time.

Prayers go out to everyone and my friends there.

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Locally, the haze was one of the more popular searches.

This was prevalent when the PSI levels hit an extremely unhealthy range in September.

Never forget the amount of haze related articles we had to write.

Among other local news, Monica Baey was also one of these searches.

Monica Baey

This one was especially hot locally.

We also followed this case pretty closely as it continued to develop.

Image: Stomp

Ms Baey, 23, took to Instagram in April after fellow student Nicholas Lim had been issued only a conditional warning after he filmed her showering last year in November.

Follow-up actions from the police included a one-semester suspension from the university.

The matter even went to Parliament!

Image: Giphy

Universities even had to review their security and disciplinary protocols following the case.


It likely didn’t help that there were other cases of sexual assault that was suddenly being brought to light as well.

The Fun Stuff

But now onto some slightly less serious stuff!

Regarding entertainment, Marvel movies like Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel topped the list easily.

Image: Marketing Interactive

Joker is there too but at a lower ranking, probably because the movie was more recent.

Also, remember how I mentioned the disappointment at the lack of food searches?

Well, Shake Shack was also a hot search so my faith in our foodie spirit is slightly restored!

Image: Shake Shack

Even things like popular Internet lingo came up.

Hand-in-hand with Avenger: Endgame is the famous I Love You 3000 phrase.

If you have no idea what that is then please go and watch Endgame. I’m not about to spoil one of the arguably best scenes for you.

Image: quickmeme

Another top trending one would be the titular ok boomer phrase.

The previous generation mocking phrase trended so darn hard that we even made a video about it:


There are so many top trending searches locally that it’s honestly hard to fit it all into one article.

Maybe during your next lunch break, hit up the Google search bar and see what you can find!