Grab Driver Implies He Earns 26K a Month & Openly Declares his Love for Grab Awkwardly


Recently, the has been reports of Singaporeans quitting their day jobs to join Uber and Grab as drivers as they believed that doing so can allow them to earn more income every month – at least more than what their office-based jobs are paying them.

This, of course, sparked many debates online and got many people calculating how much a person has to spend on a road every day to earn that amount of money.

In fact, even with the surges and price hikes on a daily basis, it’s almost impossible to earn S$6,000, what more a whopping sum of S$25,000.

But this man begged to differ.

In the video, the Grab driver sits with a panel of other drivers and sends his love to Grab, saying how he was just a ‘taxi driver’ in the past but can now earn S$25,000 to S$26,000 a month with Grab.

However, one thing that caught everyone’s attention was how “enthusiastic” he sounded on camera – almost as thought he was forced to say that out.

Still, many people have debated that there might still be a possibility for these drivers to earn these amounts. The only drawback? That they’ll almost always have to be on the roads and not get the sufficient amount of sleep or leisure hours they are supposed to receive a day.

Some netizens, too, seemed to have their reservations about it. 

I mean, since there are no fixed hours for driving Grab or Uber, you can literally work for 24/7 a day and no one will be there to stop you.

All you have to do is make sure you fulfill the minimum number of trips projected by the company and you are free to do whatever you want after that.

But is it worth it to neglect your physical and mental health and be slogging on the road every day just so you can earn more money?

Well, whatever you do, just make sure you do not end up as unenthusiastic about life as he is. 

But of course, judging from the video, this could just be a reality show (there’s a “team” if you watch it closely). But still, that declaration of love…it needs to be improved. #justsaying


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