GrabHitch Driver Tried Asking a Passenger Out for Coffee & Claimed It Was a Misunderstanding

You’ve heard of stories about 色伯伯 trying to chat up passengers when they drove them to their destination.

And at first glance, this seemed to be one such incident. But read on and see if you’ve noticed anything strange.

Image: Facebook (Alvinology Media)
Image: Facebook (Alvinology Media)

These photos were first posted on Alvinology Media Facebook page and there were mixed comments on who’s right and who’s wrong.

The driver initially texted the lady, asking her if it’s okay for him to pick her up at 4.45 pm. She replied that she needed to be at her destination by 5 pm for her driving lesson.

He assured her that she will be able to reach by that timing, but she replied that she’ll prefer to reach earlier for “coffee and stuffs if you don’t mind”.

The driver replied that he will be dropping off another passenger at 4.40pm. He proceeded to ask if she wanted to have coffee or dinner with him.

And that was when things took a turn for the worse. 

Presumably shocked at his blatant message, she told him that he was creepy, to which he claimed he had misunderstood her previous message.

He proceeded to ask another (creepy) question, which made the passenger angry enough to cancel the ride. 

Of course, before she “left” the conversation, she had some parting words for the driver.

She told him that if he really wants to get “hitched”, he should go for matchmaking agencies or use the “cheapo way, tinder” to get girls. 

She went on to say that using Grabhitch this way is disturbing and he’s wasting everybody’s time. 

Now, before you go on to condemn the driver, read the messages again. Don’t you find the string of messages strange? 

And, lest you’re not aware, Grabhitch does think that carpooling is a good way to make new friends.


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**All images from Alvinology Media Facebook page

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