Grab Driver Remains Calm As Woman Gives Birth in Car En Route to Hospital


Quick-Thinking Grab Driver Aids in Unexpected Car Birth En Route to Hospital

One of life’s most miraculous events is the birth of a new child.

However, what if this incredible moment happens unexpectedly, and in the most extraordinary of circumstances?

Consider this story, posted on 6 Dec, about a woman who called a Grab car and, quite unexpectedly, went into labour during the ride.

This incident echoes a similar situation back in 2020 when a woman was caught in a massive jam on the CTE.

Her expected delivery date was 13 Dec, but the 30-year-old woman hadn’t anticipated her baby deciding to make an early appearance, a whole week in advance.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, she shared that she first felt contractions around 7 am on 6 Dec.

She asked her husband to first drop their two children at school, planning to go to the hospital together afterwards.

But by 9 am, her contractions intensified, forcing her to seek a way to the hospital on her own.

Her choice? Booking a Grab, of course!

Residing in Choa Chu Kang meant a 40-minute journey to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Image: Facebook (Ms Atul)

Compounded by rush-hour traffic and frequent red lights, the journey must have been excruciatingly stressful for both her and the driver.

Throughout the journey, she experienced strong contractions and was consumed with worry, fearing the possibility of giving birth en route.

Understandably, she was in immense pain, nervous, and scared, as she recounted to Shin Min Daily News.

It’s not every day that one expects to deliver a baby in a Grab car.

Commendably, the driver, upon realizing the urgency of the situation, remained calm and offered comfort.

He even suggested that she lie down, knowing the baby could arrive at any moment.


With just three minutes left to the hospital, the woman felt the baby’s head emerging.

In an astonishing turn of events, she gave birth right there in the back seat.

She “grabbed” the baby in the arms, and was still in shock when they finally reached the hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the driver wasted no time in seeking medical assistance.

The medical staff swiftly came to aid, helping to cut the umbilical cord, settling the baby, and transferring both mother and child from the car to a stretcher for immediate hospital care.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

Currently, her newborn son is in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) because he requires additional assistance with his oxygen levels.

Image: Ms Atul

The woman later managed to contact the driver to express her gratitude.

In a heartwarming twist, someone revealed that the driver was their brother-in-law and tagged his Facebook account.

A Grab spokesperson also responded to MS News’ inquiries, stating that they have conveyed the woman’s thanks to the driver.

Indeed, the driver deserves high praise for handling the situation with such poise.