GrabFood ‘Deliveryman’ Caught Stealing Towel on CCTV, But It Seemed Weirder Than the GrabShoes Incident

Image: Muhd Ismail YouTube

Another Grab deliveryman stealing on CCTV?

Everything sounded too familiar, that I almost thought I was in a Groundhog Day scenario where I was forced to relive the day of rewriting the same old news story.

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Then I checked the date and it wasn’t 30 June 2019, the date GrabShoes article went up.

Facebook clip shows man in GrabFood clothes grabbing Towel

The original video clip which had at least 36,000 views and 1,400 shares, uploaded on Facebook by Muhd Ismail, has since been removed (one can only wonder why), but here’s a YouTube re-upload:

The video, with a timestamp of 1.28am, 2 July 2019, shows a man in GrabFood clothing walking in the corridors of an HDB. It’s clear at this point that the man is walking without a GrabFood bag, in sandals or slipper in a lazy fashion.

Image: Muhd Ismail YouTube

He stopped in front of a rack of laundry. A longish white thing can be seen at his mouth. It’s not clear what it is, but with the length, I’m guessing it’s a toothbrush.

Image: Muhd Ismail YouTube

He proceeded to take out the clothing peg.

Image: Muhd Ismail YouTube

Then pausing to look around.

Image: Muhd Ismail YouTube

Before checking his phone…

Image: Muhd Ismail YouTube

And then taking a blue coloured towel off the rack.

Image: Muhd Ismail YouTube

And walking off without pauses this time.

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Image: Muhd Ismail YouTube

Grab gave the Groundhog Day response “Grab does not condone such behaviour and will ban delivery-partners who are found guilty,” to the video.

Order, Order in Court!

Image: LastWeekTonight YouTube

Before we go man hunting, let’s look at the evidence that show this might be another case of #GrabTowel.

1. Man wearing GrabFood shirt.

2. Man looked around to see if anyone saw him. Suspicious?

And by looking at the 2 above you might be tempted to slam the Guilty verdict.

Image: LastWeekTonight YouTube

But it’s not clear cut

First thing we can establish is that the man clearly isn’t on a GrabFood delivery mission. There’s no GrabFood insulator bag, or a vehicle.

Second thing we can establish is that this man is probably resting.

Third thing we can establish is that the man definitely took a blue thing that looks like a towel. But we should also mention that he looked at his phone, and there’s a toothbrush looking thing in his mouth.

But here’s some things we don’t know.

1. Who does the GrabFood shirt belong to.

There’s no evidence showing he’s a deliveryman. It could be his friend’s, cousin, family, or whatever.

2. Why the video was uploaded

Fact is, we know that the video was uploaded, but we don’t know who uploaded it and why. It could be uploaded by the owner to show that someone stole the towel.

But it could also be someone lending his towel to his friend wearing a GrabFood shirt, then uploading to the internet for shits and giggles. If you want to go into conspiracy theories, it could also be uploaded by GoJek with a GoJek employee in GrabFood clothing.

3. Whether the man got permission for the towel

We can clearly see that the man checked his phone before actually taking the towel. I’m not saying he is definitely not stealing, since it seemed like he was looking around before taking the towel which looks suspicious af.

But here’s a potential scenario where he actually got permission to take the towel. Let’s call the man Ali.

Ali and Billy are neighbours and good friends who only got to know each other recently. Somehow, they don’t know the exact unit each other lives, but are good friends enough to message random shit to wake the other up 2 am in midnight.

Ali: Bro, can borrow towel anot?

Billy: wtf, wad time ady. u no towel meh

Ali: Haven dry leh

Billy: aiya jus take from my outside

Ali: Eh, which unit ar?

Billy: walao we so long ady still dunno. xx-xx

Ali: Kk i go take

Again, I’m not saying the man in the video is not stealing, just that we don’t have any evidence of it.

Until then, we need more detectives on the job.

Image: Giphy