GrabFood Rider Threw Aside Everything to Rescue Man Trapped in Overturned Lorry by Climbing Atop the Vehicle

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Lest you’re unaware, Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) have garnered a pretty negative reputation over the years, what with the ever-increasing onslaught of:

  • Ah Bengs blasting ‘我们不一样‘ wherever they go
  • Road drivers who take to the road even though it’s illegal. Really illegal.
  • Fires breaking out at home

Yet, the fact remains that just like everything else, PMDs aren’t evil. After all, just like the Elder Wand;

It’s really the wielder (rider) who controls the outcome of it all.

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And to exemplify my point? This article;

In which a GrabFood delivery man threw aside his personal mobility device (PMD) to help free a trapped lorry driver.

Image: Facebook

GrabFood Rider Threw Aside Everything to Rescue Man Trapped in Overturned Lorry by Climbing Atop the Vehicle

GrabFood riders might be primarily known for their food delivery capabilities… But it seems that when an emergency situation arises, they’re not beneath it too.

According to TODAYonlinea GrabFood delivery man was “hailed as a hero”, after he “rescued a trapped driver of a lorry that overturned at a junction in Boon Lay on Saturday (10 Aug) morning”.

In the videos taken by witness Mohamad Nurfadly, the GrabFood rider (who was identified as Mr Muhammad Riau Alfian, 28) could be seen pulling an elderly man out of a lorry that had turned on its side.

The lorry driver had been attempting to avoid a rubbish truck along the junction at Jalan Boon Lay and Boon Lay Way at around 10:00 a.m., when it made a sharp right turn. The resulting collision caused it to tip over, right on its side.

The moment the accident took place, Mr Alfian reportedly threw aside his personal belongings and rushed to help.

Making sure to manage traffic first, he then climbed onto the side of the lorry to attempt to free the trapped driver.

According to Mr Nurfadly, the rider even tried breaking the side window with nothing but his fist wrapped with a cloth, but it didn’t work out. He then rushed to a construction site nearby to find a shovel.

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The trapped lorry driver was eventually extracted and subsequently sent to Ng Teng Fong Hospital.

Gratitude, and a notion disproving known stereotypes

In his Facebook post, Mr Nurfadly said that he chose to post the videos, to show that not all PMD riders are ‘dangerous’.

“Some of us are lifesavers too,” Mr Nurfadly, who himself is a part-time FoodPanda delivery rider, wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

“For us riders, time is crucial,” he continued. “Every minute wasted is a loss of possible income.”

Despite this, however, Mr Alfian chose to do the right thing.

“Kudos and well done to the Grab rider hero,” he said.

And Netizens felt the same way.

“Well done. Not all PMD riders are bad. There are many good ones too. Kind-hearted and well done,” one said.

“PMD riders across the food delivery company and the community going around the island is one of the best to have, as they can be the first responder to help with any accident or incident. Thumbs up!” another stated.

And so… now what?

As mentioned earlier on, stereotypes should not be applied to everything. Not Blacks, not Whites or Yellows…

And certainly not PMD riders, from the looks of this article.

So let’s all give a hand to the GrabFood hero in question because he has somehow done the impossible;

Clearing the name of all PMD riders, with one stroke.

Though of course, whether PMD riders will learn from his example…

Is another question altogether.

Only time will tell, I guess.