GrabFood Rider Who Was Allegedly Pushed Off Park Connector Suffers Neck Injury Among Others

The ban of PMDs on public footpaths happened within the span of one day.

So it’s understandable that people are confused.

Are e-scooters completely banned in Singapore? If they’re not on the footpaths, can they be on the road?

And most importantly: why the heck is everybody cheering like e-scooters is already gone?

If you’re confused, here’s a simple video explaining everything you need to know about the PMD ban.

Unfortunately for this poor cyclist, the man who pushed him off his bicycle didn’t watch the Goody Feed video explaining the PMD ban.

Here’s A Short Recap In Case You’ve Missed It

On 6 November 2019, a photo went viral on social media.

A pair of Singaporean police officers were seen talking with a woman somewhere in Yishun.

Image: Facebook (Liew Yong Liang)

A food delivery personnel was allegedly cycling on the park connector network (PCN) in the Yishun estate when a pedestrian approached and pushed him off his bicycle.

More Details Revealed

The folks at Shin Min News Daily managed to uncover more information on the Yishun cycling case.

And, oh boy, was it enlightening.

Here’s how the entire incident started.

It was actually the cyclist’s wife who was supposed to be doing the delivery.

However, because she wasn’t familiar with the area, her husband decided to accompany her for the job.

The couple were riding on the cycling path when they spied a couple walking on the path in the opposite direction.

They claimed that even though they rang their bells, the couple (on foot) refused to give way.

When they rode past the couple, the man allegedly pushed the husband off his bicycle.

Furious & Hurt

After pushing her husband to the ground, the man allegedly pushed him again and refused to let him get off the ground.

The police were eventually called to the scene and her husband was sent to the hospital.

He had reportedly suffered from various injuries to the neck, right shoulder, left hand and on both legs.

The man might also have a neck fracture, according to the doctors.


But it’s not just physical pain.

The delivery couple were left indignant, wondering why they were met with so much hostility even though they’ve stuck to the rules.

The PMD Ban

Lest you’re unaware, all e-scooters have been banned from using public footpaths, in addition to all roads and grass.

At the current time, they can only be used on shared paths, cycling paths, and Park Connector Networks. If an e-scooter user encounters a public footpath, they will need to disembark and push the device instead.

Bicycles, however, are allowed on public footpaths.


So the next time you see someone shoving a poor dude on an e-scooter, recall the three important questions:

  • Is the poor dude riding on a public footpath? If yes, keep calm and carry on.
  • Is the poor dude riding on a shared path, cycling path or a Park Connector Network? If yes, assist the poor dude and rise up against the pedestrian.
  • Is the poor dude truly on an e-scooter, or is he actually on a bike? If he’s on the latter, it’s time to call the police.


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