Grandpa Fed 1-Month-Old With Alcohol So That He Won’t ‘Lose Face’; Baby Then Died from Alcohol-Poisoning

Image: Jordi Prat Puig / (Image is for illustration purpose only)

If you’ve ever attended a baby’s first-month celebration (also known as 满月), you would know that it’s normally three things:

  • A joyous event
  • Lots of food
  • A cute, smiling baby

But then every once in a while, you get something rather ‘abnormal’ that transpires at the event. At a first-month gathering held two weeks ago, it was baby food for every guest. And for this particular article…

It’s a dead baby joke.

Minus the joke at the end.

Grandpa Fed 1-Month-Old With Alcohol So That He Won’t ‘Lose Face’; Baby Then Died from Alcohol-Poisoning

According to a Sin Chew Daily article on Friday (12 July), relatives had turned up at the Wang residence in Beijing that same day, in order to celebrate their baby’s one-month birthday.

What started out as a joyous occasion, however, soon morphed into something absolutely sinister.

The grandfather, who was presumably tipsy at the time, was clutching onto the baby as he proposed a toast to relatives at the dining table.

Again, it’s for illustration purposes only. Image: Giphy

And that was when a relative reportedly taunted the elderly man:

“If the little one doesn’t drink, then his grandfather cannot drink in the future.”

Image: Gifer

According to reports, the elderly man then did the unthinkable. In order not to ‘lose face’, he allegedly grabbed a small cup of alcohol and gave his grandson a sip of liquor.


Not long after, the baby’s mother heard her child crying and smelt alcohol on him. She then grabbed her child back into her own room.

But even with her instantaneous reactions, it proved to be too late. The baby became breathless, a mere 30 minutes later.

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Despite her best efforts to rush the baby to the hospital, the medical staff was ultimately unable to resuscitate him, even after trying for hours on end.

A mother’s rage

According to Sin Chew Daily, doctors soon determined the baby’s cause of death to be alcohol-poisoning and reprimanded the grandfather involved.

“Babies cannot drink alcohol, how can you treat a child’s life as if it’s a joke?” they reportedly said to the elderly man.

The child’s mother allegedly failed to contain her rage as well, slapping her father-in-law multiple times.

But in the end, her actions did little to appease her grief, as reality remains immovable;

There was nothing they could do to bring the child back.

The ‘cold treatment’

To add salt to the injury, it appears that the child’s mother apparently faced a difficult time conceiving.

She and her husband were unsuccessful despite being married for over 3 years.

She was also reportedly given the ‘cold treatment’ by her in-laws because of that, and their relationship only progressed after she became pregnant.

Now that’s a really bad situation to be in.

And the moral of the story here?

Don’t feed babies alcohol.

No matter the circumstances.

And lest you’re wondering, it’s not just about a life at stake either.

We’re talking about a whole family here.

A whole family’s health and happiness.