Group Went to Airport Only to Realize Their Jetstar Flight Allegedly Didn’t Exist


Imagine this.

You just had an awesome vacation and now you’re on your way back to Singapore.

But get this, when you’re at the airport trying to board your flight back to your home country, you’re told that your flight technically didn’t exist.


*Cue end of the world*


And before you ask, yes that did happen to Facebook user Serra Lin who posted about her experience on Facebook.

And before you ask, it’s much worse than it sounds.

So what happened?

According to her Facebook post which has garnered over 230 shares and a butt load of comments, she was holidaying in Darwin.

On the day of their return to Singapore on 11 Sep, they were told that the flight they were supposed to take wasn’t available.

And before you ask, she got her tickets directly from the Jetstar official website. Not third party sites like Expedia.

Notice the top right-hand corner of her flight itinerary? Yes, it says this isn’t a boarding pass.

So there she was, trying to get information at the airport, only to be directed to call the call centre because they’re not equipped to help her.

Frustrating? Yes but wait till you hear what comes after.

“I’m sorry, but we’ve informed passengers about the changes in flight plans.”

That was the response she was allegedly given.



From her post, she wasn’t the person who booked the flight tickets so she wasn’t notified about the changes.

However, she insisted that her contact details were included in the flight booking and she should have been notified about this.

She questioned why her contact details were asked for during the process of booking the air tickets but not used to notify about major changes in flight details.

**I think I have the answer for you: For marketing emails and texts.**

She went on to claim that Jetstar has notified the person who booked the flight via email and they’ve done their job.


It was inferred that the person who booked the flight did not check his email for updates.

At the end of the day, she had to book another flight back to Singapore on Silkair two days later.

But that’s not the best part.

#SorryNotSorry But We Can Only Refund You So Much

The best part, of course, is how the changes will hurt your wallet.

Okay, before we look at anything, just take a look at Jetstar’s commitment to service in fine print:


Okay, take a look at the fine print above.

Because I’m not an airline expert (read: not rich enough to keep on taking flights, even budget ones), I’m going to read it like a layman.

I’m reassured that if there is any flight change, they’ll notify via email, mobile and text message.

I mean, come on, this is important enough to warrant all avenues explored, right?

If my primary school teacher insisted on taking attendance every 30 minutes on an excursion to Discovery Centre, this should be more important because I’m in another country.


And even if I suay suay miss my flight, Jetstar will take care of me. At no additional cost.

But that’s not what happened to this lady

She claimed that Jetstar only offered her a compensation of $300 of her missed flight in a mix of vouchers and cash.

And they allegedly advised her to book another Jetstar flight back to Singapore and shell out $1,200 for it.

That’s not all.

She is not able to claim travel insurance because the flight wasn’t delayed but a no show.

AND she has to pay additional money.

Both for the return flight tickets to Singapore on Silkair and two more nights in Darwin.


Oh, and she’s not the first one to kena such things.

And people are paranoid now

Maybe it’s like what the Chinese likes to say: you pay what you get for.

So if you’re going on holiday soon, make sure to keep a lookout on your inbox. That’s including spam if you’ve indicated all emails from your budget airline as spam.

If this is true, and it’s been happening throughout the years, Jetstar really has a lot to answer for.

But then, I’m an airline newb so this might be normal for them. #JustSaying

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