Studies Show that People Who Are 30 & Above Will Start to ‘Grow’ Shorter


Last Updated on 2021-09-29 , 2:19 pm

Do you notice yourself getting shorter as you grow older?

Well, unfortunately, it happens to all of us.

If you’re as short as our boss, then read on because you’re going to get shorter.

Shrinking from the age of 30 to 70

According to a research that we hoped no one has even done, it seems that most people shrink from age 30 to 70, with men getting about an inch shorter and women about two inches shorter.

Kind of unfair when you realise we only had less than 10 years to grow, but approximately four decades to shrink.

Well, so we’re “growing” shorter. So?

Excessive shrinking cause for worry

It may not be uncommon to start shrinking a little each time but if the shrinkage is too fast, research shows it could be a sign of health problems. Men aged 70 or older who shrink more than two inches in two years are 54 percent more likely to break their hipbone. For women, the increased fracture risk is 21 per cent.

And if you think that’s bad enough, AARP also reported that men who, over a 20-year period, lose at least 1.2 inches off their height have a 46 percent higher risk of heart diseases and a 64 percent higher risk of dying. Scary!

The science behind shrinking

Have you ever wondered, though, what happens to make people grow shorter?

It is because of little gel-like discs in our back that get squished more and more with time, therefore making us shorter.

In fact, we all get a little shorter during the day as the water in the discs that are in the spine get more and more compressed throughout the day. But in this case, all the lost height of the day is regained after a good night’s rest.

Our bones also play a part in this. According to the Mayo Clinic, as people age, bones may also shrink both in density and size which leads to a shorter us.

Natural ways to avoid shrinking too much

To avoid getting short too quickly, there are some things we can and should not do. Smoking, drinking too much caffeine and alcohol, taking steroids and extreme dieting can all cause faster shrinkage. Instead, we should eat healthy, get adequate Vitamin D and calcium and exercise regularly to slow down the process.

There are also other not to scientifically driven ways to slow down the shortening process. These can involve regular back massages, not standing for long periods of time and doing more aqua sports to reduce the impact and pressure on our spines. Whether they work or not is another thing altogether but to avoid getting too short for comfort, they are worth a try.

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