Gucci is Opening a Pop-Up Restaurant in S’pore in May with 4-Course Meal from $128++

Image: Gucci (Image is of the restaurant in Italy)

We all know Gucci: it’s the high-end fashion giant that we can see and never touch.

Well, at least for me.

The Italian luxury brand was ranked the 38th most valuable brand in the world in 2015, with a brand value of $12.4 billion.

And that’s reasonable, given that any of their bags could cost more than a Samsung S10+.

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We’re all familiar with their double-G logos on bags, shoes, leather goods, clothes and whatnot, but a Gucci restaurant?

I bet it’s going to be more than just a high-class restaurant—it’ll be a highest-class restaurant.

And surprisingly, it’s really here.

Or to be specific, it’s really going to be here.

Gucci Restaurant

Lest you’re not aware, over in Italy, the home of the green and red luxury brand, there’s indeed a Gucci restaurant known as Gucci Osteria.

As you would have expected, it’s a high-SES restaurant that’s the brainchild of Gucci current creative director and Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura.

It’s housed in a Gucci building, so having a Gucci restaurant there isn’t that shocking.

Do you have someone in your office who doesn’t dare to make a call? If so, this video is for you:

Image: Gucci

The restaurant sells Italian food (ar bo then) and not at a designer’s price tag: according to online sources, each main dish is at about USD$24 to USD$36 (which is at about SGD$32 to SGD$48).

I know it’s still expensive, but we’re talking about highest-end restaurant here leh, so it’s still reasonable.

After all, look at how atas the price is.

Image: Gucci

Gucci Setting Up a Pop-Up Restaurant in The Arts House from 1 May to 26 May

And yes, Gucci is bringing the restaurant to Singapore, albeit temporarily.

Brought in by Savour, the pop-up restaurant by Gucci will be housed in The Arts House from 1 May 2019 to 26 May 2019.

Now, over here, the “Singapore Edition” menu would either be a 4-course meal or a 7-course meal.

A 4-course lunch during weekdays would be at $128++ a person.

A 7-course lunch during weekends would be at $228++ a person.

And finally, a 7-course dinner is at $278++ a person.

In other words, it’s the price of a high-class restaurant—not bad considering we’re talking about Gucci.

You can reserve your table here.

In the meantime, I…won’t be seeing you there.

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