Gucci Makeup Launches in S’pore & A Totally Black Lipstick That Costs $53 Stands Out

Ditch that basic b*tch look, and embrace your inner darkness.

Wearing a black lipstick may just be the next best fashion statement.

Gucci Makeup finally made its debut in Singapore, with 58 different lipsticks in different shades and finishes.

One colour stands out in particular, and that is their black lipstick.

Yes, black.

Image: Gucci

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the full beauty of their packaging? Not only does it feature intricate details, but it’s also in the most luxurious shade of gold.

Now, on to the lipstick colour. It may not necessarily be the best colour for your everyday wear, but it will definitely work well when you’re dressed for occasions!

Image: Gucci

We’ll leave you to be imaginative about where you can wear this shade of lipstick. On the top of our minds, this black lipstick is sure to complete your Halloween look this year.

Not only can you use it to achieve dark lips, but you can also use it to draw bruises!

Of course, Halloween is not the only way you can use black lipstick. You can also apply black lipstick on your friend when he/she is sleeping, to give them the best surprise of the year!

Image: Giphy

Ok, just kidding. Don’t ruin your friendships this way.

A black lipstick also gives you an edgy look immediately, but we’ll recommend you go heavy on your eye makeup as well, or you’ll just look like you’ve been poisoned.

Image: Her Style Code

Not bad, eh?

Granted, black lipsticks may not be something most of us are interested in. But Gucci Makeup launched a grand total of 58 shades, so there’s definitely something for you!

Image: Harrods

If you’d like to give these a try, Gucci Makeup is running a pop-up in Takashimaya’s beauty hall till 4 October. Not only will there be make-up artists to assist you in choosing the shade that suits you best, but you’ll also get to try colours you’re eyeing on.

Each lipstick costs $53, which is pretty affordable for a brand like Gucci.

Go on, have fun, it’s not every day that you get to experiment with 58 different lipstick shades!

Image: Pinterest