Gudetama, Hello Kitty & Other Baos Now Appearing in Various Parts of S’pore

Image: Paulicious Facebook Page

Singaporeans love food. Especially cute food. Because it’s not just the taste that’s important, the food must look the part too.

We thought we’ve seen it all. From Gudetama Liu Sha Pau (Custard Buns) to Hello Kitty mooncakes.

But there’s just one problem, they’re pretty pricey.

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I mean, eating at a themed cafe would probably set you back by $60. Minimum. And that’s if you don’t eat till you’re full and drinking plain water.

But what if I were to tell you that in Singapore, there’s a place that’s selling super cute paus like these.

And at the fraction of what you’ll pay for at themed restaurants.

Paulicious sells paus that are probably one of the cutest paus you can find in Singapore

And if you were to believe the name of the bakery, delicious as hell too.

Plus, this isn’t a normal bakery.

Unlike normal bakeries, this cute bakery is extremely mobile. It travels around the island, kind of like Uncle Ringo, except way cooler.

For the past few months, they’ve been roaming around Singapore, opening pop-up stores at the various food fairs on our little red dot.

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Their wares consist of both iconic cartoon characters and non-cartoon characters

According to an online article, three of these paus will cost you $10, or seven for $20 and different characters have different flavours.

Brown bear will excrete molten chocolate almond.

While Labi Xiaoxin and Minions love red beans. (I’d have thought the minions love bananas, but oh well)

And the pig is a honey BBQ pork bun. Fitting.

As for the non-cartoon characters, the durian is filled with D24 durian custard, the red chilli with sambal ikan bilis, the mushroom filled with chicken and mushroom.

Where Will Paulicious Be At This Week?

Just like their store, their flavours and design come and go every week, so the only way you’d know where to buy these buns at will be from their Facebook page.

They update the page with the latest news about their store locations, pau designs and new flavours.

1. World Food Fair (Expo Hall 5)


From 30 Aug to 2 Sep, Paulicious will be at the World Food Fair taking place at Expo Hall 5 this weekend, so make sure you chiong there for a food-ful experience, eh?

2. Century Square 


From 31 Aug to 5 Sep, there will also be a Paulicious pop-up store at Century Square.

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3. Square 2


If you’ve got plans this week and can’t make time for paus (how could you?!), you can make your way to this mall from 3 to 9 Sep.

So, to recap, you can find them in the east of Singapore this week. And the north next week.

Lucky you. Meanwhile, westies, suck thumb and pray they’ll come to you soon.

**All images from Paulicious Facebook Page unless otherwise stated.

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