Guy Allegedly Filmed Girl in Shower in NUS & Was Asked to Write an Apology Letter + Suspended for a Sem


Imagine this: You’re showering in school enjoying the water spraying down from the showerhead.

To your horror, you spotted an iPhone from under the cubicle filming you while you were showering.

Now, you’re thinking, that’s bad.

But you know what makes it worse?

When the person filming you and his girlfriend are your friends.


Now, we’re not going to show the names because at this moment, it’s still a one-sided story.

What Allegedly Happened

A National University of Singapore (NUS) girl was showering at Eusoff Hall on 25 Nov 2018.

She only knew she was being filmed when she turned around to get her towel.

In shock, she cursed and the voyeur escaped immediately.

She managed to contact the campus security after going through the proper protocols.

Turned Out, They Were Friends

She came to find out that her voyeur and his girlfriend who was staying in the same hall were friends with her.

But that’s not the kicker.

The victim went on to claim that the couple had asked her out to meet with them and explained the incident to her.

And that they tried to get her to drop the case.

He Was Drunk

The voyeur apologised and claimed that on that night of the incident, he was drunk.

However, the victim, who had seen the security footage, did not believe him as he was searching through different cubicles at a different building.


The voyeur had also allegedly said that it was the first time he had done anything like this and blamed it on the genre of porn he watches.

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An Unsatisfactory Punishment

The victim had also made a police report about the incident.

She claimed that the investigation took about two months and in the end, here’s what the voyeur was slapped with:

The Police Investigation

The voyeur was slapped with a 12-month conditional stern warning.

Basically, it means that if he commits the same crime during this period, he’ll be charged for both the original offence (which led to the warning) and the next. In other words, a double charge.


However, if the next crime he commits isn’t the same, the warning won’t be added to the charge.


Now, on NUS’s side, after they were done with their investigation, this was what they slapped him with:

  • Made him write a compulsory apology letter.
  • Mandatory counselling.
  • Not allowed in the dorms anymore.
  • Gave him a one-semester suspension.

The victim had a few issues with the punishment.

Number one: the apology.

Sometimes, sorry just can’t cut it.

She had issues with how the school handled the matter as well.


According to the victim, the voyeur wasn’t staying in the hall in the first place. He was simply visiting his girlfriend, so that was just business as usual.

Plus, for his one-semester suspension, the victim claimed that the voyeur had found a job of sorts and could still go around the school.

In short? Stop pulling a Dumbledore.