Guy Drove Old Car to Fetch Female Friend But Girl Pretended Not to Know Him

Image: Facebook (Bosco Fong)

Now, before anything, here’s a disclaimer: while the guy did post a screenshot of the conversation and even took an emo image with his car, it doesn’t mean it’s real.


I mean, I’ll list down a few points on why it’s missing a few key aspects, but let’s start off with what happened first.

On 30 August 2018, Facebook user Bosco Fong from Malaysia posted his sad story on Facebook Group KL吹水站. Lest you’re not aware, over in Malaysia, groups like these are pretty popular: people would go there regularly to chat, and that was way before Facebook changed its algorithm to favour Groups than Business Pages.

There are also JB 吹水站 lah, 槟城吹水站 (Penang) lah…etc.

吹水站 basically means a place for people to chit-chat.

Most Malaysians know that if you want to get something viral, just go there and post something that you think is viral. It’ll provide you with the exposure.

So basically, Bosco Fong posted this.

Image: Facebook (Bosco Fong)

This is what he has written in Mandarin:

刚刚驾wira去载女性朋友放工.. 车到了horn几声了..她也不要上车装不认识我… 结果她叫grab回了😰 还wechat我说以后驾wira的话不要去载她….. 这wira陪我从jb去penang 再从penang回jb!还可以上云顶。它已经陪我跨过山和大海了😂 冷气冷冷又不会淋到雨..为什么不要上车?😔


Translated in English:

(Article continues below) Xing Xing is a 34-year-old Singaporean lady who decides to meet up with an online friend she found in Facebook. But it turns out that he’s not what he seems to be: Prepare boxes of tissue and watch the saddest Singapore Facebook love story here:

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Just drove my Wira to fetch a female friend home. After I’ve reached, I honked a few times but she doesn’t want to get in and pretended not to know me. After that, she called a Grab home instead. She told me in WeChat that if I drive a Wira, I shouldn’t fetch her. This Wira has been with me from JB to Penang and back to JB! It can even go Genting Highlands. This car has been with me through thick and thin. The air-con is cold and rain wouldn’t drip in; why won’t she get in?

(The photo of my Wira and me is taken by my friend after the incident)

Okay, a sad story.

He even has photos to back up his story

Firstly, an emo one:

Image: Facebook (Bosco Fong)

Here’s the allegedly WeChat conversation:

Image: Facebook (Bosco Fong)

Guy: Why you won’t want to get in after I honk you?

Girl: Next time, if you’re driving a Wira, don’t come and fetch me

Guy: Why can’t I fetch you in a Wira?

Girl: It’s okay, I’ll call Grab

Guy: I’ve reached. You rather get a Grab than get into my car? Is it such a shame to be in a Wira?

Girl: I’ve called Grab. It’s fine

Guy: Okay, good.

On first glance, it looks like Bosco Fong needs to be a Nick Young to be able to fetch jio this girl.

But hey, hold your horses.

Such a worthy story, but sorry not sorry, there seems to be some plot-holes.


I can totally feel the guy’s pain, but I can also feel that something’s just…not wrong.

  • Why does he have to take a picture of himself looking sad with his Wira? For Instagram? If I’m so proud of my Wira, I’ll film a video of myself redlining the beast and showing the world how powerful and good it is.
  • The girl sent in some voice messages before that. What could it be?
  • What if the Grab that comes is a Wira as well? Is the girl going to cancel it?
  • Think, man, think. If the girl is the guy’s girlfriend, it might make sense. But it’s a female friend: female friend so rude one? If like that, the girl needs to buried man
  • Take a look at the guy’s profile and it seems like he’s a car enthusiast
  • Seriously, if the girl is a gold digger, she won’t have called a Grab, right?

But of course, that’s just me.

After all, it’s the Internet: I don’t intend to believe everything I’ve read.

Especially if there’s an emo image involved.