Guy Who Made YouTube Video To Burn SG Influencers Now Going After PMD Riders

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Watch out Singaporean YouTubers and aspiring Singaporean YouTubers, there’s a new sushi on the roll.

He’s been growing bigger, amassing a loyal following with just one video.


First, Singaporean YouTubers… 

If you haven’t already seen the viral video that made rounds on the Internet just close to two weeks ago, here’s basically what it is.

A guy on Reddit decided to start making funny YouTube videos, and he debuted with a video titled “3 Things Singaporean YouTubers Do”.

Image: YouTube (Sneaky Sushii)

Essentially, he roasted famous local content creators for their standard video making formula and clickbait thumbnails.

The video’s already been hilariously unpacked by my colleague in an article which you should check out.

The video has unfortunately been removed from YouTube due to unhappy YouTubers Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), or basically Ryan Sylvia, filing for copyright infringement, causing the video to be taken down.

Safe to say, the YouTubers were mad, and even Jianhao Tan made a series of Instagram stories about it.

Image: Instagram (@thejianhao)

But the Internet is such a big place and obviously, YouTube isn’t the only place to view videos.

So you can still find the original Reddit post the guy made with the video included here.

Now PMD Riders

Sneaky Sushii, the legend behind the video, has now come back with a widely anticipated new video which is just as hilarious.

And this time, he’s going after Personal Mobility Device (PMD) riders.

This is for those of you who own one.


Image: YouTube/Sneaky Sushii

The video, titled IT’S TIME TO STOP, is basically a satire towards the PMD Epidemic in Singapore as he calls it because practically everyone owns a PMD nowadays.

Here’s the video without any further delay if you just clicked in because you wanted to check it out.

They’re Making The Roads Dangerous

There’s no shortage of clips in which PMD riders can be seen driving dangerously on the public roads of Singapore, zooming through lanes and cutting into the paths of cars like they’re in the F1 for PMDs.

Seriously, it’s becoming a big problem, and Sneaky Sushii hates it too.


So along with his purposefully non-aesthetic neon rainbow words against a stark white background, he blends his sarcastic comments well with various examples of PMD riders causing trouble on the roads.

Of course, he didn’t forget to turn every clip of someone zooming past into a meme.

Image: YouTube/Sneaky Sushii

It’s really time to stop when PMD riders injure innocent passersby with their recklessness, even kids and the elderly.

They’re Noisy Too

He even condemns these PMD riders for blasting their techno music loudly with their huge speakers as they whizz past, and kindly put together a playlist that fits perfectly for those moments of extreme freedom on the roads:


Image: YouTube/Sneaky Sushii

After learning his lesson about getting attacked for his comedy and satire videos, Sneaky Sushii included a disclaimer at the end, saying he doesn’t wish for there to be a ban on PMDs for they’re really useful in helping Grab Food drivers deliver food at lightning speed.

He just hopes for PMD riders to exercise more caution on the roads and to get AirPods instead of blasting music if they want to flex that badly.

He also added that not all PMD riders should be judged because of a few (a lot of) bad apples, showing clips of a PMD rider helping an old man.

The video, which was uploaded on 16 July, garnered over 3000 views in just a day. Pretty impressive, and as Jianhao Tan would agree with, pretty ironic for a guy who was just slamming Singaporean YouTubers.



Oh well. You can’t deny that the guy has a knack for creating relatable videos in the Singaporean context that is actually funny.

Maybe Sneaky Sushii can do a video on the bubble tea craze next.

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