The hack to clear GBs of space in your iPhone within 5 seconds without having to delete anything

There’s one super simple step that’ll clear space on your iPhone in seconds.

The sad part is, most people don’t even know about it.

Right up until now.

The first thing you’d need to do is head over to the Settings tab on your phone.

Click on General settings, and move over to the Storage & iCloud Usage tab. Take note of the storage you have available and write it down. If you’ve got a photographic memory, go ahead and memorize it. Right down to the late byte.

Now click on the iTunes store and select a gigantic file like a HD movie. Go for one that’s going to take up more space than what you have available on your phone.

I’m talking about something as lengthy as The Lord of the Rings. Hit the “Rent” button twice.

You’ll get the obvious message that there’s not enough storage on your phone for the file. You can head over to your Settings section again, and voila, there’s extra space on your iPhone.

Hooray! Try the same hack all over again, and the Gods of Apple might just bless you with more storage space.

Just ensure that the HD files don’t actually get rented if you actually have sufficient space available, or there goes the balance on your credit card in US dollars.

How is this even possible, and what sorcery is this, you might wanna ask me?

Well, to be honest, the reasoning behind this is that your very own iPhone makes the adjustments to clear out your caches. It also clears other insignificant data from your apps to make more room for the file you’re trying to “rent”. I for one thing am surely glad that I’ve found this hack.

Google Photos is what I’m using at the moment to save all my videos and photos, but there’s been a couple of times when I still get notifications that I’ve got insufficient space and that I should be purchasing more Gigas.

Thank you technology. You’re helping me clear tons and tons of unwanted space, and I’m now able to use it for more beneficial things.

Be sure to give this particular hack a try. You’ll want to pass the message down the grapevine to your friends and family.

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It’s time to free up some space, so rent, rent away (but don’t really go rent lah)!

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