Here’s What Has Happened to ICQ Now

Last Updated on 2022-07-25 , 7:09 pm

Before we had Whatapp, before we had MSN Messenger, or before we were thrown into the various other social media apps floating around now, we had ICQ. More than 20 years later, the “uh-oh” sound had been every teenager’s favourite sound.

For the youngsters lurking and wondering what ICQ is, it’s basically an instant messenger on your computer, the Whatsapp of the past. While it was set up in 1996, it found the most use in 2001, and was used frequently alongside the IRC, a similar messaging service, even setting the stage for other applications like AIM.

A 2014 report states that it has 11 million monthly users–wait, in 2014?

Yes, it’s not dead.

ICQ Still Going Strong

Despite getting in on its years, ICQ hasn’t failed to deliver. Its mobile app indicates adaptability to modern times, and it still has thousands of users enjoying the good messaging service.

The Play Store readily offers the app here with over 50 million downloads.

Yes, 50 million downloads.

Stickers, filters, syncing and channels are but a few of its functions. In fact, it almost sounds like it’s taken a leaf from the books of Snapchat, Facebook Messenger (or Line) and Telegram as it contains parts of each one’s useful aspects! Pretty cool for something so ancient.

Though the gaming user base that once frequented ICQ has moved to other apps like Discord, it is difficult to forget the ease of communication that it once offered.

Perhaps you wouldn’t use ICQ as your go-to chatting application today, but if you’re interested in exploring the good old days once more, ICQ is always ready to pave the path of memory lane.

There’s just one problem—you could be the only user among your friend to be using it. Just saying.