Super Happy Nurses Cheering As a COVID-19 Patient is Being Discharged in Changi General Hospital


I’m here to tell you about COVID-19 and nurses, but for once it’s not about gloomy things.

It’s just them being happy that another COVID-19 patient got discharged.

Just look at them:

Image: TikTok (@gabriellemonique06)



Happy Nurses From Changi General Hospital

The original video seems to have been uploaded to TikTok by @gabriellemonique06, which was then subsequently uploaded to Facebook.

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” plays as nurses cheer for a COVID-19 patient, holding a paper that reads “Finally I’m COVID-FREE!”, who is getting discharged.

Image: TikTok (@gabriellemonique06)

A nurse started jumping and clapping before another soon joined in.

A caption “Ward 56 is happy to discharge you ❤️” can be seen later in the video. Someone saying “take care ah” can be heard as the video is ending.

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Yeah. That’s kind of it. But watching happy nurses are like watching cat videos. You can’t just stop at one. So here:

More Happy Nurses Just Because

Here’s one with nurses at Presbyterian Queens Hospital, New York, celebrating a discharge by singing and dancing to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” (yeah, the same song as above):


And one with ICU nurses and doctors at Markham Stouffville Hospital in Markham, Ontario dancing in a conga line to celebrate a COVID-19 patient taken off a ventilator, tweeted by Dr Anand Doobay, Chief of Medicine at the hospital:

Here’s a foot shake by Jason Campbell and his colleague from Oregon Health and Science University, who’s got more of these on his IG:

A collection of Iranian healthcare workers dancing by The Guardian:

A bunch of them doing the Chu Chu Ah Dance:


#nhsheroes #frontlineworkers #teamtheatre

♬ CHU CHU AH DANCE – officialshaunp

You can find more of such videos using the hashtag #dancingnurses on TikTok.

What’s that? You wanna see more local healthcare workers? We gotchu:


You can find the full context of that video in this article here.

Cats, go away. The Internet now belongs to nurses dancing.

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