Video of Healthcare Workers Dancing Happily with Migrant Workers is 1 Thing We Should Remember About the Migrant Worker Cluster


There are some videos with no backstory whatsoever, and these videos would usually lead to many speculations, angry responses and eventual, virality.

This is one of them, although instead of angry responses, we’re getting smiles from people watching.

Video of Healthcare Workers Dancing Happily with Migrant Workers is One Thing We Should Remember About the Migrant Worker Cluster

In a video shared by Facebook user Raziff Hamid to, ironically, the Facebook group SG Covidiots, it shows a small group of healthcare workers in full protective suits dancing, very well if I might add, with a large group of migrant workers.

From the background, it looks like it occurred in Singapore Expo.

A healthcare worker is leading the dance, and if the person is looking for another job after retiring as a masked superhero, he or she could join Bollywood.

Just look at the moves.

The other healthcare workers should remain as healthcare workers, but every of their awkward move has much more meaningful than anything else in the world now.

Yesterday, the multi-ministry task force said that by the end of May, close to 20,000 of the infected migrant workers would have recovered and most probably discharged. The video poster guessed that they could have been dancing to that news.


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Or maybe they’ve been doing this dance every day. Who knows. No one knows what goes on in the minds of those healthcare workers, because who the hell dares to volunteer to fight the virus in the frontline.

In the video, a lady could be heard saying, “All their heartbeat and their cardio…” followed by someone else laughing.

You can take a person out of healthcare but you can never take healthcare out of a person, indeed.

Someone in the background also said, “So funny!”

I think they’re referring to this robot (the fellow on the right):

Someone then said, “…very happy leh!”

After the dance, everyone clapped and a lady said, “Very good! Well done, everybody!”

Now, if there’s a need for you to remember anything about the migrant worker cluster, please, just remember this:


You can view the video below which we’ve uploaded into our YouTube channel as the original Facebook version can’t be embedded:

Full credit, of course, belongs to the Facebook user Raziff Hamid, but I should also say that full credits should be given to those men and women in yellow.

You sing for them and they dance for others.

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