Have a Look At Master Ball in Action: The Pokeball That has 100% Catch Rate

It’s no secret that Niantic is going to come out with new features like trading, and also new Pokémon like Mew or Mewtwo. It’s now a question of when instead of whether.

But fans are running out of patience—with over 15 million users abandoning the game, Niantic would better have a higher sense of urgency because even in our office, the most hardcore player is starting to lose interest.

Here’s one video to keep the novelty fresh: someone has created a video of how a Master Ball works, and how Mewtwo would look like in the game.

According to him, a Master Ball is one that has a 100% catch rate—even if you throw it out of the screen. Here’s a real Master Ball in action in a Pokémon game.

We can’t wait for it, can’t we? Or maybe, when it’s finally out, we’ll be playing another Flappy Bird.

Featured Image: YouTube (MrWilliamo)

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com